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Saturday, August 5, 2017

New Mid Month Brochure ... August!

I almost forgot to share this!

It's time for another mid month brochure here at my Tupperware Site.

There are some really wonderful and cute things in this mid month's brochure.
And as is our norm, there are a few short term items that you don't want to miss.

These are really great for the upcoming school year.  The Cupcake Keepers are soooo cute for keeping those lunch treats in 1 piece ... I mean who wants to have frosting in a bag and not on the cake.
Oh and that SnackBar Maker ... make your own bars and cute out the preservatives.  The Keepers are perfect for the SnackBars you can make in the Maker, but also for other treats too ... cookies, peanut butter crackers and more!


If you have a Minions lover in your house, or know one ... this set is soooo cute.  Can you see them having their snacks in this?  I bet you could even use it for lunches too.

Or keep those special treats together so they can pick their own as a reward.

Speaking of lunches ..

I have this "pre" PLUS and use it all the time when I am taking lunch to work.

I love that my salad doesn't get soggy with dressing and everything is packed together ready to go.  

Have some leftover protein from last nights dinner?  Grilled Chicken, Steak, Grilled Pork ... all would be perfect over a salad. Make that salad as you are cleaning/packing up any leftovers (or planned-overs, as we call them) and you really can just grab and go in the morning.

Oh and I haven't seen it yet ... but starting today (probably by this evening) items from the FALL catalog will be available for sale too!  Yes, that means you can get an order together from the Summer AND Fall catalogs AND Mid August brochure!

Don't forget to jump on over to my Tupperware Site and check out what we have to offer ... I have seen the new Multi Cooker that will basically replace 4 items in your cabinet.  I will definitely be checking into getting one of those!

Have any questions, just give me a shout.
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Thursday, August 3, 2017


I've been thinking about this a lot lately.
How do you define success?

When can you claim success?

Is success what we do or what we inspire others to do?

I would think if you strive to be a teacher, and I don't just mean as a profession, it would be what you inspire others to do.  What you help them to learn about what they can do, what they shouldn't do or what they are meant to do.

I know there have been times that I have thought I was going to be so successful and end up thinking about what is in it for me, and then I really am not sure if I succeeded or not.  
Oh you can be successful and unsuccessful at the same time.

WHAT?  WAIT .. what did I just say?

You can be "successful" because you accomplished something monetarily, but is that the true measure of success?
You can be "unsuccessful" at the same time if all you have accomplished is put money in your pocket.  
You need to make a difference when you are successful.  

In my opinion, you need to make people want to do the same thing that you have done, accomplish the things that you have with your help.  Your help can be just being the inspiration, by sharing the knowledge that YES YOU can do it.

Let's try to be the type of successful that helps us to inspire others to do what they want and are able to do, without putting limits on what they can do.

THAT in and of itself could be the true meaning of success.