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Friday, May 12, 2017

Time for Positive Thoughts and Deeds

I think it is time for me to get back to my original reason for starting this blog.
It's time, if not past time, for more and more inspirational posts instead of big gaps in time when I may be holding myself back for a number of reasons.
Self doubt is a big part, although not the only reason, I have some "gaps" in my blog of late.

Perhaps you have been feeling the same way.  
Or maybe you use to stop back here when you were having those feelings yourself to see what good things I had to show you.

Maybe this will help us all.
I almost said "both" but I am hoping that there are more than just two of us reading my blog.  
I am hoping that my own lapses haven't pushed away too many folks.

I am starting this month, ok this "mid" month, with a push towards being positive.  Being ready to accomplish those things that I have been letting lapse or have pushed to the wayside.  

Maybe its because its Spring and I am looking forward Summer and new beginnings.  Or maybe it is because of all the negative that is being shown on TV, on the internet and in the papers.  
When did we all become so jaded, so self-centered, so entitled?

Yes it is time for 
Positive thoughts, 
Positive deeds, 
Positive actions 
for all of US.

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