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Sunday, May 14, 2017

It's a new Mid Month Tupperware Brochure

I am hoping that you have already checked out the Tupperware Summer Catalog that went live just about 2 weeks ago.  Or the Birthday Month items that will be available until May 26th. If you haven't you can check it out on my Tupperware Website.

But the new Mid Month brochure is also live to celebrate Father's Day and all the great things that Summertime brings.

I personally LOVE the Large Carry-All for so many things.  I have a few just to keep things together. I have one in the car as a "mobile" desk and one as a portable first aid kit.  I know of some who have used these as memory boxes for their kids and grandkids.  
Or how about for those super important papers that you need to be able to grab and go when in an emergency situation?

And then there is the Season-Serve Duo.   I have used the small one just yesterday for marinating dinner since it was just a small amount of meat.  But I can see these for all kinds of BBQ items.  I have to try this, but someone said you can put some corn on the cob in the large one with butter and "shake" so that all the corn is evenly covered without the mess.

As always there is the Short-term items that you need to pick up in the first 2 weeks ... or they will be gone.  Some of these items (like the ice cream scoop) are available in the Summer Catalog .... but at a higher price.  So if you are interested, don't miss out.

I love the Squeeze-it Bottles, because it allows me to have "manageable" containers for home-made sauces and dressings but also to be able to buy those LARGE catsup and mayo jars and bring them down to size.

And those Dining Trays ... make great trays for kids or even for BBQs on the deck!  

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