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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Its National What Day?

I guess I have been living under a rock.
SHHH you, I can see you rolling your eyes and mumbling.

I have NOT been so oblivious to what is going on to realize that EVERY day is a National "something" Day.

But early this morning I was watching the news and John Elliott @CBSNewYork mentioned a few things that were to be celebrated this day, and I was really just a little surprised at some of the day's "somethings" and how they may or may not be related.

For instance.
Today, according to NationalDayCalendar.com, is National Sea Monkey Day. Who knew that Sea Monkeys had their own day??  

And what the heck is a Sea Monkey anyway that they get their own special day?

John Elliott said you get a twofer if you pierce a sea monkey today, because today is also National Piercing Day ... I guess he wasn't thinking of all the other "somethings" for today because,

it is also National Love a Tree Day.
Is this what spurned the Tree Huggers or those Plant a Tree movements?

But my favorite "something" for today is 

National Mimosa Day.
When I looked, I was surprised to see how many different ways there is to making a Mimosa.  Here I thought it was just orange juice and Champagne.  Oh no my friends, there are many different combinations/flavors so long as there is a "base" of orange juice and champagne ... you can get creative with "additives" and flavored "splashes" to suit the day.

This of course got me thinking what the heck were other "something" days and were they related or unrelated things.

For instance, this past Sunday May 14th was Mother's Day.  But did you know it was also National Dance like a Chicken day?  So is this the day that the Chicken Dance came to be or was it the day that spawned the saying "Dance like no ones watching"?

My daughter's birthday is National Animal Cracker Day.  Too bad she was never a fan.  I guess I had her on the wrong day.  
But it is also National Columnist Day, I wonder if they are fans of Animal Crackers?

My son's birthday is National Re-Gifting Day and National Date Nut Bread Day.  He is probably a fan of a re-gifting day for all those things I have bought him that I "thought" he wanted but missed the mark.  
I'm not sure Date Nut Bread would go anywhere with him.  
But then since he moved South he does partake in things he would never touch when he lived up "North".

Now Hubby's birthday is full of tasty National Days.  He gets to celebrate National California Strawberry Day AND National French Bread Day. 
Now that just doesn't seem fair.

So now that I am on a roll ... my birthday has a few "interesting" items, like National Name Your Car Day or National Fried Scallops Day.  
Have you named your car?  
I know years ago my sister did. She named it after a character in Cats.  
I wonder if she still does?  I will have to ask her.

So tell me, what is the National "What" Day on your birthday?

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