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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Believe in YOURSELF

Time for a little encouragement .... 
and maybe a kick in the pants

If you still need a little more of a push  ....

Don't worry about whether others believe in you or not.
The only one that needs to believe in you is YOU.

If others also believe in you ... well that is a bonus.  
Just remember the important person in this belief is YOU.

I know its not an easy thing to do.  Trust me when I tell you I have suffered for many many years worrying about what others think.  I wasn't this way when I was younger.  If fact, I think I was, at times, overly confident in my abilities - but somehow didn't fail myself or others.  
I just didn't always realize it.

Then something happened.  I'm not sure what it was, but at some point in my "adult" life, I've let others tell me that I can and can't do.  It's time for that to change too.  Time to believe in ME.

So you see, I posted this as much for you as for me. 

Let's believe together.

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