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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Don't aim too low!

When I saw this one I just knew it would start some conversations ... even if those conversations were within the reader and not here on the page.

Some people have a "bucket list" of things they want to do before they leave this Earth. And then they "brag" about how much of their list they have already accomplished.  I would sometimes think to myself, HOW have they done this already?  I mean, I look at how old they are (and think they are just babies) and wonder how did they manage to do all the things on their list already?

It was when I saw this one that I realized that they are ticking off all the "easy" stuff, all the "regular" life things that probably shouldn't be on their bucket list anyway.  

How about you?
Are you, or 
Have you aimed too low?

Think about it.
The higher you aim,
the bigger the accomplishments.

The higher you aim,
the bigger the rewards.

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