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Friday, April 10, 2015

Mid April 2015 Brochure

Tomorrow is the start of the 
Tupperware Mid April Brochure.
You can check out these pieces on 

There is a wonderful set of Thatsa Bowls 
(I love these for so many things) that would be a great base for a girlfriend set - order together and split the cost - so both of you get Tupperware pieces at a lower total cost.  
I will share the groupings soon.

As is our usual with each brochure, we have a short term "page" that are only available for 2 weeks.  So starting tomorrow the Mid April Short Term Sale items start too.  Again these pieces can be found on my Tupperware Site, but remember these are only available until April 24th, so don't delay if you want any of these.  

I love the Lunch 'n Things ... its kind of like a bento box for adults (but kids could use it too).

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