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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tupperware Big Weeks January 2014

I was so excited when I saw what was happening at Tupperware 
I had to share this great 1 page flyer.

Its January so it 
MUST be the 

Tupperware Modular Mate Sale!

These are some really AWESOME prices for these Modular Mates.  I can't tell you what my cabinets would be like without my Modular Mates!  Well I could but I really don't want to think about how horribly disorganized they were....

If you want to start this year getting your kitchen cabinets (or any cabinets) this is the sale for you!

I have some for my baking items, my spices, my homemade spice blends (DIY blends are my favorite) ... I even have some for my rice (both brown and white -- shhhh), ground coffee, my keurig pods, and so much more ... and get this everything stacks so nicely and NOTHING falls out when the door is opened!  AND we never have a bazillion little bags of "stuff" that we lose track of till it goes bad!

If you are interested in any of these - NOW is the time to pick them up.  These sale prices are only available in January so you don't want to wait or you could miss out.  AND if you place an order for at least $50 or more in product from my site, I will send you an E-certificate for 10% of the product cost (in $5 increments) to use in a future purchase!  Sounds like a great deal right?

To make it super easy - you can order online from my Tupperware site or you can click on the "current online party" link at the top right sidebar ..... makes it very easy for me to get all your info to send you your E-certificate when you qualify. 

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