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Friday, June 28, 2013

Want Tupperware?

I have heard comments made about how people would just LOVE to have Tupperware - they really LOVE what Tupperware has to offer - they really want MORE Tupperware .... but they can't afford it.

I'm here to tell you that there are many ways to "acquire" your very own pieces of Tupperware and it doesn't always require paying "full price" and I can help you do that.

You could be an order taker for me and I will compensate you with product!  That's right, you could earn your own Tupperware pieces just by taking orders for me.

  Be My Order Taker!

1)  You would receive a current catalog from me to use for order taking.
2)  You would share with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, daycare friends/teachers/mothers/fathers etc. and have your own "book party".
3)  You get orders for me and I will call you for the order details, shipping details/phone number/ payment info.  I will call customer to confirm.
4)  Based on the size of the order, you can pick your free Tupperware!
5)  You can do this for 1 order or 100 orders - it's your choice.

Leave me a message or Email me so we can talk about how to do this if you are interested.  I know it can work and work well with just a little time and effort.

Once you get your feet wet, so to speak, you can become a Tupperware Consultant.  Especially if you want to have your own parties and earn even more Tupperware AND have a home business (yes Tupperware Consultants are Small Businesses) and make your own spending money or your own vacation fund or Holiday money - your choice.   You can do 1 party or 3 parties or more each week - it's all up to you!
Another way to get Tupperware - 
become a Tupperware Consultant!

You could have gotten all this (current consultant starter business kit) for just $30 and been working towards all these additional pieces just by holding your own parties.  If you had started earlier this year - this would have been what you could have earned - AND if you had sold $900 worth of product (and your samples after your kit was included in this total) in your first 60 days your business kit balance would have been paid by Tupperware!

I'm waiting to see what the new program will be, since this flyer says through June 28th - but you know I will be sharing this with you as soon as I see what it is .... maybe it will be a continuation of what was this spring.

But I know whatever it is ... it will be AWESOME - because this one is even better than what my program was and my program was so wonderful, I was able to continue being a Tupperholic without going broke!

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