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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tupperware Classics on Sale through July 12

I know you like when I share the sales that Tupperware has for us, especially the short term sales that you need to jump on before they are gone.... like these that are available only through me (not my website) until July 12th!

EDIT - these great deals are available on my online Tupperware Site!   So now you can get them either through me by email or through my online site.  Don't miss out

The first one is pretty awesome!  You can get these, in that great blue, WITH flat, liquid tight seals!  
For just $13, you get not 1 but 4 of the 16 ounce tumblers that are great for the deck, the pool, anywhere!

If you are a fan of Duck Dynasty (and now a days it seems EVERYONE is), you have seen these babies .... the one that Uncle Si was sent in Vietnam and has drunk his iced tea in ever since.

Here are some other things you can use these tumblers for:

*you can use the 16 oz tumbler to hold hot dogs in their bun to keep them warm and not crushed by the rest of the picnic items.
*also double your batch of cookies and fill these tumblers with 1/2 the cookie dough with seal - put in freezer. When ready for more cookies - run hot water over the outside of tumbler to loosen and the cookie dough comes out like a tube of Pillsbury's and just slice and bake
*also works well for coolers - add water and freeze - slim ice tubes will fit anywhere in a cooler! reminder - do not fill full - leave room for expansion when they freeze
*Also you can spray the inside of them with cooking spray and fill them with your favorite cookie dough and freeze them. Then when you want cookies you just take them out put the cup under hot water and pop them out and cut, cook, and serve! You Can also take a Banana fill it in then poor jello around it and refrigerate!
*put a peeled banana in tumbler and pour favorite jello over it then seal and chill in fridge.

And then another great classic are our Pitcher Set!  For Just $21 you get not one but two great pitchers.  You can pour iced tea, lemonade and other refreshing beverages with ease.

 This opportunity includes one each of 2-qt./2 L and 1¾-qt./ 1.75 L Pitchers

If you are interested in these great deals, 
remember you can only get them if ordered through me, 
email me and I will call you for your shipping and payment info, 
but I MUST submit the order by Friday July 12th!

I'm thinking I want to pick up these for myself too - yes they are that good a deal!


Lexie Lane said...

Oooh!!! These are definitely fantastic for BBQs and all the parties for Summer! Awesome! $21 for a whole set is not at all bad!

Lexie Lane said...

Oooh!!! These are definitely fantastic for BBQs and all the parties for Summer! Awesome! $21 for a whole set is not at all bad!

Cindy Batchelor said...

Thanks for the post!

MikiHope said...

Tupperware is really great for storage and for picnicing--I do have enough of it at the moment but those are really great deals.

moo77hb said...

Love these-especially that they have lids!