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Friday, September 4, 2009

Where to Shop? Where to find ... ? Decisions Decisions

Have you ever decided to do a home project, a closet re-design or oh say a bathroom remodel, and think holy crow what do I need, where will I find it? Well I found the place for you. It looks like a great Workshop and Home Improvement shop online where you can "wander" to your hearts content at any hour of the day or night. They do the hard work for you - find what stores have it / what the prices are / its like having your own shopping consultant. You need to check out shopwiki.com

You can find pretty much anything that you need to do a home project or set up a great home workshop. Heck you can even find out where to get hardware (screws and such), paint and paint supplies, even duct tape (isn't that the universal tool?) at Tools and Hardware

When I think tools, I think of little things that I can use easily. I don't have to drag out power cords just to tighten a screw that has come loose on the towel rack in the bathroom, or a door handle (how do they come loose?). There is an area just for these types of tools. If you look around in Hand Tools you will find screwdrivers (all different types and when to use them) as well as recommendations on which ones to try. They also have other "options" like wrenches and pliers and hammers.

And ladies, how many of you have husbands that have a mountain of power tools but still go into your local hardware store or big chain store and drool over power tools? I know my husband does all the time. And more likely than not, we have a new must have tool every couple of months. Well this could be your man's go to site.

If he (or you) was looking for a drill he would have all kinds of options. Power Drills gives you top choices, differences in corded vs cordless, as well as drill types and extra features. I even think I see a few of the ones we have here.

Now if you need to cut something of any size I think a Circular Saw is the way to go. You still have the beauty of having a hand tool and some fantastic power without taking up a ton of space like a table saw would. My husband used a circular saw when we needed to put down plywood to replace the flooring in our entry way.

Now if you are doing molding - you ALWAYS seem to have to make an angled cut. And the cuts need to "join" together perfectly. Here is where a Miter Saw comes in. One, two, three you have a perfect cut for an angle when you are replacing the molding around a door or window. I can not tell you how many door and window moldings have been replaced in this house - way more than I want to think about. They even have some external links here to get even more information on these saws if they haven't answered all your questions.

And then when you think you are done with all the power tools you could need, you need to pop onto Workshop Accessories and pick up all those little things you don't think about. Heaters or Fans, especially if your new workshop is in the garage. Lighting because you can't work in the dark. Storage items/systems because now you have a whole new group of items to store away until you need them. And last but not least Dust Control Systems and Vacuums. With all the new construction you will have going on around your house - this should have been the first thing I listed. Sorry I got carried away with all the power flying around.

You really should check out shopwiki.com for some tool ideas. These could lead to some great holiday or birthday gifts for the "man in your life" or woman as the case may be. If you are at a loss as to what to get him or her, send them to this site and I bet you could get some great ideas. You won't be sorry. Especially if your significant other is as tool happy as mine is.


Martha said...

Cool! We are always doing one project or another around here. I'll check it out! Thanks for stopping by today :-)

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a cool site!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, he's definitely tool happy.