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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's for dinner

Well it is Saturday night (usually pizza night) but I was SO NOT looking forward to pizza. Of course everyone (almost everyone) came home for dinner tonight. I'm standing in front of the refridge thinking WHAT am I going to throw together that will be quick, tasty and doesn't include pizza.

Hubby was easy (although he's not home yet) I found 5 sweet sausages I had put in the freezer about 2 weeks ago since I didn't make them as a quick meal. While I was browning the sausages, I chopped up an onion and a red pepper. Once the sausages were browned I added the onion and peppers and about 1/3 cup of water and covered, lowering heat to medium low.

Now the kids are never easy when I want to change things around. I had a rotisserie chicken that I didn't use from Wednesday night when it hit me - Chicken Linguine Alfredo. I got to use my favorite new pasta - Fiber Gourmet (130 cal and 18 or so grams of fiber).

Now I still have leftovers - which was surprising but I may have this for lunch tomorrow if the garage "project" takes over most of the day.


annie kelleher said...

that sounds great! we had rotisserie chicken and corn on the cob and fresh broccoli and sweet baby cucumber pickles and sliced tomato and garlic bread... i love it when a meal just spontaneously comes to gether!

Lynette said...

lol sounds like my fridge right now
full of left overs
need to get them eaten

but i did get my big freezer rearranged last night