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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mid September 2017 brochure!

Yes it is that time of the month again ...
No not THAT time, 
it's time for the 

And there are some really AWESOME pieces in this brochure!

Check it out .. its APPLE time 
and we have some awesome awesome things to go with 
Apple Time!

I LOVE my Mandolin for so many different things, but to slice up apples on a nice even thickness for apple pie, apple dippers, ... can't wait for you to see how well these work.
And of course we all need an apple corer!  I need to get a few. Don't ask.

Oh did I say apple dippers?  Check out the dipper bowl ... makes some great dippers for your fruit, but its all about the apple in September right??  (chocolates are perfect right?) 
I also LOVE the color of the vent n serve pieces.  

Perfect for apple time but also for tomato sauces you want to heat up without worry of "staining".
And of course the kids lunch sets (Cars and Wonder Woman) are fantastic.  They could be the hit of the lunch crowd!

And with any mid month brochure, there are short term sale items and this month it will be for 3 weeks!!!  AND it has 2 more of the Modular Mate Sets ... at a big discount!  

Don't wait until January, when we normally have our Modular Mate sales.. I would grab some now and then you can pick up more in January if you need to.  

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