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Friday, July 28, 2017

Help in finding the real you

If you are looking to "find" yourself and don't know where to start (like me) you might want to check out Martha Beck.

Martha is a sociologist, a life coach, an author and speaker.  From what I heard, she was a speaker at Limelight by Alcone's conference and did an AWESOME job.  I wish I had been able to be there, because from what I heard the conference was phenomenal but her talk sounded like it was one of the highlights.

I will be perfectly honest here.  
I had actually never heard of her before, which is kind of crazy because she has so many books that she has written.  
In fact, when I looked on Amazon they listed 103! 

I am forever looking for things to read on Amazon (love to keep my Kindle "full" so I can always find something when I'm waiting) and I had NO idea.  Hang head in shame....

When I first looked into her, because of all the Limelight buzz, I saw this ...  "All my life, I've addressed crowds because I'm scared of public speaking..."  I was immediately drawn to learn more, you see I saw "I'm scared of public speaking" and said to myself ... a kindred spirit.  I know, I know, I can talk about a lot of things but public speaking .. definitely NOT my cup of tea.

I figure I've found something/someone good, someone who just might be the catalyst to finding out just who I am or who I want to be.  I know, after all this time, I still don't know if I am where I am suppose to be, where I want to be, so it is definitely time to get my act together.   Better late than never, right?

But hey I'm not the only one who is thinking she is pretty good person to help me on this journey, even Oprah Winfrey said "She's one of the smartest women I know".  Pretty nice endorsement, don't you think?

You can find Martha's blog here.
I'll see you there.

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