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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Sometimes I just feel like "why".

Yes you can be going along, feeling like you are doing just fine, getting your act together or getting to a place with your "passion" and somebody comes along and just shatters it all by calling it "stupid" or professing that you "don't know what you are talking about", but of course, they know better.

My confession .. 
  I've been feeling that way lately, a lot lately to be totally honest.

Then I saw this one and was hit with that "AAAHHA" moment.

I have a few things on my plate, just as a side business point of view, from Tupperware to LimeLight by Alcone to Pruvit.  
And then of course there is this blog and my family and my full/part-time job.

This picture/quote is what kind of "smacked me in the face" and said to me ... just keep doing what you do, until YOU don't want to do it anymore.  
When others see it and agree, they will be inspired just as you have been inspired to do all that you do.
Those that continue to discount what you do or say ... that's THEIR problem NOT yours!

So hopefully here and now I can say and take to heart ... 
If you don't like what I say, what I post, what I do ... just move on because until I don't like these things .. I will continue to be ME.

Join me in embracing YOU.
Just as I am embracing who I AM.

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