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Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's Santa Tracking Time

I love watching this every year.
It just doesn't seem to get old .. no matter how old I get.
Hopefully you will get to share this one some little believers this year.  
Or let it kindle the little believer in you.

It's time for some Santa Tracking 

Where is he when you clicked on the link?
Is he getting close to where you live?

Are you hoping for something special this year? 

Have you been good?
If so, I hope he brings you all you've been hoping for.

Merry Christmas

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting this! How fun! I just turned it on for my kiddos and they are sooo excited! LAST SEEN Khartoum, Sudan and
Juba, South Sudan in 2 minutes 32 seconds :)

My kids say they are gonna watch this all day until he gets close to Indiana and then they will go hop into bed and close their eyes, lol! I love the magic of Santa and Christmas! <3 <3 <3