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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to make Hummingbird Nectar

My mom LOVES hummingbirds.  She has had feeders in her yard for forever (or so it seems) so that she can watch them as she sits in her chair in the den.  But, as with everything else, the nectar is expensive to buy, especially if you have LOTS of visitors or if your weather is very warm (regularly over 90 degrees) that you have to keep cleaning your feeder and refreshing the nectar to make sure it doesn't go bad.

I found this great (and simple) recipe for Hummingbird Nectar at Domino Sugar that I will definitely be giving to mom for this coming season.   It is so simple even a child can make it (ok with help from mom) because it literally has 2 ingredients.  Vet Tech Schools should also be able to teach you how to make your own hummingbird food using boiling water and ¼ cup of white sugar.  You can learn about this and so much more.

Ehow.com has some great articles on Hummingbirds.  From this site, you can see when to hang your feeder, where to hang the feeder, tips on feeders, as well as a few articles for how to make them from everyday items, most of which you can probably find in your kitchen right now.

Since it appears that hummingbirds reach Virginia in April, I better make sure mom has this recipe soon so that she will have everything ready for their "first sighting" of those cute little birds!

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Lenore Webb said...

and it works. i have done this one for my firends