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Monday, March 2, 2009

Enough of the Winter "Wonderland" already!

This is the front end of my driveway (from my front door) after last night's portion of the noreaster (at least I think they are calling it a noreaster).

This is my deck - kind of looks like the same pic from a month ago - the result of that other storm where they said we were to get "flurries".

This is looking out my front door in the "opposite" direction from the driveway. The "little" pine tree was planted about 20 years ago. It was my son Dan's measure tree. A dear friend (who has since passed on) gave him a little pine tree when he was almost 3 to plant in the yard to see how tall it would be when he was "old like him". Now when they planted it, it was about 18 inches tall and Dan was about 40 inches tall - its now well over 12 FEET tall and although he is now over 6 foot , even he is dwarfed by this tree .

Now I really am getting a little tired of the white stuff already. They are calling for another 2 to 4 inches by tonight. What's with this? I mean come on - its MARCH and on Sunday the start of Daylight Savings (argh yet another hour of "lost" sleep) it is NOT the time for this stuff.

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