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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My female Financial Role Model

A little more than a week ago I was contacted by someone from Personal Capital who asked if I could let her, and you, know about my female Financial Role Model.  As an accountant, yes that really is my "real life job", I thought it was a no brainer and I just had to do it.

That was until I started to really think about it and then write.  

Growing up, I think some of the most influential people in your life are your parents, especially your mother.  My mother was no exception. We still laugh to this day about how she would get her weekly $50 food allowance.  And knowing my mom and dad, she really did get that allowance, and learned to make it work.  She proved it could be done.  

I remember vividly that Sunday mornings were church and then as dinner was in the oven, it was the supermarket flyer and coupon search to make sure she had her coupons for the weekly supermarket trip.  Yes I learned how to maximize those coupons to make shopping "fun" from her. Ok maybe not fun but perhaps you could call it the "shopping game". Some weeks you won and some weeks you were dipping into "savings".

Mom always made what she called the "easy" decisions.  Which brand of toothpaste or bread or jelly to buy based on the sales and coupons that she had.  And trust me she had lots of coupons - in a shoe box, by category, by amount, by expiration date.  It was a great week when there was money left over in the "kitty" for the oops weeks. 

But when it came to the "hard" decisions, she would always default to my father.  She never really learned about investments and retirement savings.  Oh she knew how to save but not the kind of savings you needed for retirement.

My dad may have shown me how to save for retirement or long term savings or how to do income taxes, but it was my mom that encouraged me to "learn" how to do these things.  She always told me that I needed to be more like my father in those things so that I could take care of her in her later years.    

I remember in the early 80s, when I was looking for my first "real" job, my grandmother was listening to what jobs I was saying I could do and the salaries that went with it.  She almost ran into my mom and said "Do you hear her?  Don't you think you should discourage her so she isn't disappointed?"  My mom, bless her, looked at her and said "don't, she is her father's daughter and can do anything she sets her mind to."

What I really learned from my mom was 1) I will not be defined only by my gender when it comes to my abilities and 2) learn how to be self sufficient financially and then teach others to do the same.  Just because you are a woman, does not mean that you can't determine your own destiny and prepare for the future and your retirement.  

Do you know how much you would need to put away to retire how you want to retire? Personal Capital has a great tool to help you figure out what you will need to invest in your own 401K or some kind of retirement plan.  The tool is 100% FREE (and we love free) to anyone in the United States. You can sign up without linking all your personal accounts/information to see what you need to start doing or change, to be ready for retirement.  You can go to their site and check out their  retirement planner to see if you are going in the right direction or if you need to make a change. This one looks like a good tool to help in managing your finances for retirement.

What I did, whenever it was available, I would join a retirement plan at work and put in as much as I possibly could.  I also made sure to remind my son when he was filling out all his papers for his full time job, to sign up immediately for their 401K.  If you start right away, somehow it doesn't hurt as much, and you don't miss it when a small amount comes out of your check each time, but it adds up quickly.

Remember the money you put in many retirement plans are not taxed until you start to draw on them. That is unless you put money into a Roth plan which is taxed now and not when you start to draw on them. You need to talk to a financial advisor or tax person to see if you qualify for a Roth investment, but know that they are out there as well.  

If my employer matched any of my "deposits"  I made darn sure that I made deposits of at least that much.  What I mean is, if the plan called for a "match" of everything I put away each year, up to $1,000, I made sure that I made a minimum investment of $1,000 into my retirement account. It's free money!  
DO NOT leave that on the table so to speak. They are not going to put it into your current paycheck to spend, but it will be in your account for your future retirement.

As you go further in your career and get raises or when you change jobs don't be spending all the increases in your income. I'm not saying to not spend anything.  What I am saying is make sure that you save some of those increases so that there is something available for the future.  

For example, if you get a $1,000 annual increase, you can spend half of it or $500 and save the other half. Put that "half" into your retirement by increasing your retirement deduction or put into a "future" account.  This account is not something that you will think about or even count on for your expenses.  This is for the future.

Check out Personal Capital and see how your current plan for retirement and savings stacks up to what you need for the future.  I did and am happy to say, I am right on track for my retirement.  My retirement may be sooner than yours but we all start with a plan.  So get your plan going today, not tomorrow, so that your future will be secure.

Oh and make sure that you have beneficiaries listed for ALL of your accounts (don't forget your life insurance) and that they are the ones you want each year.  If you have an "ex" make sure he or she is NOT the beneficiary or you will be gifting to them what you have saved so hard for. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Confidence is ....

I think that sometimes people think the wrong things when you say that you have confidence in yourself.

I don't know if it is because we don't know what confidence is, or that if we try to embrace our confidence it will make people think differently about us.  And differently not in a good way.

I think this is the perfect explanation for what Confidence is and what it is not.
NOT comparing ourselves to others makes us stronger.
NOT comparing ourselves to others allows us to believe that we CAN make a difference.

I wish you the confidence to face each day and make a difference without making others feel like you think you are better than they are.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My wish and prayer for you today

I saw this one and just had to share, especially today.

With so much anger and outrage and social "unrest" of late, not saying it isn't justified, when I saw this one I just knew it had to be my wish for you this morning.

Maybe this is just what we need.
Instead of looking for the worst in people,  if we look for the best, we just might find it.

Whether you believe in the same God as I do or not, I wish that you never lose faith in your God.  If faith is lost, we are doomed.

What do you think?  Was this not perfect for a Sunday morning?  Or any day.

Thank you SocialMeems for reminding us of what is important.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tupperware Mid October 2015

This morning Tupperware released their Mid October brochure that offers so many wonderful things.  You can purchase any of these items on my Tupperware website until November 13th (except the only at a party exclusive and the slim line set that is only available until Oct 30th).  Want that At a Party deal?  Message me and we can place the order for you on an existing order I have ... always a way around it, well almost aways.

I really love the Tuppertoy Build N Play Train and the TupperCanoe that I showed you here.

If you are starting to think about things to get for ready for the holidays and you are at a loss for what to do for your kid's teachers .... check out the TuperElf or Hanukkah canister sets. For $18 you get 4 canisters in a 2 cup size, that you could put candies or cookies or even gift cards in.  Then when the insides are gone, they have something to remember your child year after year after year.  But you know its not just for teachers, it could be for neighbors or your mailman or DHL or FedEx person!  

Now until October 23rd you can also pick up some awesome pink pieces that are pretty sweet!  I love these pieces (yes I have them all).  The Ultra Pro Square is fantastic for brownies or bars or small dinners.  I used mine the other day for a roasted chicken in the oven.  Yes these are the pieces that can be used in the oven or the microwave!

And those snack-stor containers are great for keeping those brownies fresh.  Stack up now for the holidays!  

And don't forget until October 30th you can add the deals found in the October all month brochure that I showed you here

If you would like to join the team, I had someone come up to me last night at a vendor event (he was a vendor from another company) that want to join us because it sounds so good, you can message me and we can share the benefits and get you signed up or you can sign up by going to my page and click on Join Us.

Tupper Toys In the Mid October Brochure!

When I saw some of the things that are available in this mid month brochure I was like "shut the front door, the back door the barn door" as Cheryl at Tupperware headquarters would say.  I just LOVE when they bring back some of the vintage Tupperware Toys.  So this month is definitely the bomb for Toys!!!  

A few months ago, some of you may have been lucky enough to pick up the Tupper Boat (or Canoe as it was called then).  I heard that someone thought it was so cute they turned the bottom of it (the red base of the boat) into a banana split "dish" and had the top and sailors as table decorations!  Such a cute idea.

Now I can't remember ever seeing the Tupper Train before, but I have to tell you it is so cute, and I am so happy to see this one. I can see little kids pulling this one around, taking it apart and putting it back together again.  

You don't want to miss out if you have little kids in your household or family because this month you can get BOTH the boat and the train.  Just in time for the holidays!

Check them out, and so much more that is available starting today on my Tupperware Site.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Make you own Master Baking Mix

I love all the recipes you can make in a flash with Tupperware products, but I also love that there are fantastic storage options.  

How many times have you wanted to make you own cake mix or pancake mix or waffle mix so that you can control how much salt or sugar or preservatives are in them or just to save money since some of them are really expensive but thought you didn't have anything to store it in?   

Well enter Tupperware's Modular Mates, with a size for everything!

I love this one.  You can make your own Master mix to make pancakes or waffles or even breakfast muffins.

You could make this more of a whole wheat mix by swapping some of the white flour with a whole wheat flour.  I wouldn't swap it 100% but you can experiment with it and find the blend you like the best.

Check out my Tupperware Site for all your storage solutions and Easy Cooking Options.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Be Good Enough for Yourself

I grabbed this one from the Mankind Project and think it is so very appropriate for today and every day.

I can't remember if I shared this one before from Joy of Mom, I think I did, but here is the same thought different picture.

Sometimes I find that people need to see the sentiment a few times, in a few different ways, before it sinks in and they realize that it is their problem not yours.  

Keep being yourself.  
So long as you are good enough for YOU, 
then that is all you need to worry about.

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