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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Balsamic Cucumber Salad

Here is a great recipe that you can make quickly for a wonderful light weeknight salad. The Tupperware Mandoline makes easy work of slicing the cucumbers and onions. 

Total Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 12
Serving Size: ½ cup


2 medium cucumbers, halved
1 medium red onion, peeled
1 pint grape tomatoes, halved
6-oz./175 g container feta cheese
1 cup balsamic dressing*


Set Mandoline round knob to #3, triangular knob to “lock” and select the straight v-shaped blade insert. Using food guider, slice both cucumbers, discarding the ends. Transfer to medium bowl.
Switch Mandoline round knob to #1, and use food guider to slice onion. Add to cucumber in bowl.
Add tomatoes, feta and balsamic dressing to cucumber mixture and toss gently to combine.

*Replace balsamic dressing with balsamic reduction for a sweeter, tangier salad.

Don't have a mandoline?  Check out the Tupperware Mandoline on my Tupperware site.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's a Tupperware Birthday Month Celebration ... week ONE

I was so happy to see the awesome deals that Tupperware has to offer for it's 67th Birthday Month Celebration.  We really are going to make this a fantastic month!

So to get us started with the CELEBRATION here is a great offer for all our customers.  For the first week of Birthday Month, so this offer is only good until Friday May 1st, everyone can get this offer!

I have to tell you that I have the Thatsa Bowl set and have uses for every bowl!  But the extra pieces that are offered this week are spectacular.  

I can think of all kinds of things to do with these - so yes I may just have to grab a set of these for me.  
Those extra mini bowls (set of 4) would be great for prepping your "creations" in the kitchen but how about in your craft room for beads or such?  How about for take along toys for a road trip - I bet those Lego pieces would fit great in these.  Or Play-dough  I know my kids could never get enough of those little cans!  And I can show you how to make your own to store in these bowls...stay tuned.
Or as my hubby said .... ice cream sundaes !!!

And of course that Quick Shake for a $1 with qualifying purchase is so great.  Perfect for making marinades or dressings but also for salads in a jar that I've been seeing a lot on pinterest.  One of the big differences being there is no danger of breaking glass!  I've got a few recipes for these to get you started too!

You can check these out on my Tupperware Site or leave me a message and we can discuss all your Tupperware needs.

And if you want, I've already set up my Tupperware Birthday Party party!  Join us

Friday, April 24, 2015

Are you ready to Stay Hydrated?

Summer is coming.
Lots of busy days at play (and sun).

Lots of reasons to be ready so you can stay hydrated this season.

Check it out on my website since all of the bottles have the awesome flip top caps .... 
NO leaks! 
NO lost caps when drinking.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Jenn!

Guess who is having a birthday today??

Yes this girl is.
So if you see her around today,
If you see her Facebook Page,
Wish her a very very Happy Birthday.

Let the party begin!!!

ok let it begin after you get home from work
need to get this party in before you go back to school for the week

Friday, April 17, 2015

Are you better than ......??

With all the whining I've been hearing / seeing lately that seems to revolve around comparisons of what someone else has/is/deserves verses what they have etc.  I thought this was perfect.

It is so past time to stop comparing yourself to others.
It's time to BELIEVE that you are better than you have ever thought you could be and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Stop lamenting what has happened and stop looking for someone else to make it better ... pull up your big girl (or boy) pants and make things better for YOU because you are better than you believe.  Open your eyes and see it.

Want more?  Start working towards your next goal.  Start doing what needs to be done to get there.  Whining isn't going to make it happen.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mid April 2015 Brochure

Tomorrow is the start of the 
Tupperware Mid April Brochure.
You can check out these pieces on 

There is a wonderful set of Thatsa Bowls 
(I love these for so many things) that would be a great base for a girlfriend set - order together and split the cost - so both of you get Tupperware pieces at a lower total cost.  
I will share the groupings soon.

As is our usual with each brochure, we have a short term "page" that are only available for 2 weeks.  So starting tomorrow the Mid April Short Term Sale items start too.  Again these pieces can be found on my Tupperware Site, but remember these are only available until April 24th, so don't delay if you want any of these.  

I love the Lunch 'n Things ... its kind of like a bento box for adults (but kids could use it too).

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mom is always needed

As a mom I think this one is just perfect. 
I always try to be there and be available for my kids.

But then I think my kids are pretty awesome so its real easy to be there whenever they need or want me to be there.
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