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Monday, May 29, 2017

Say YES this month!

I was away this weekend so I didn't get to see this until last night.
I just had to share it with you.

What do you think would make me sooooo excited about getting folks who are interested to join Tupperware this month?

I saw this one and just about fell off the chair .... yes it was that good!

Yes the Sorbet Maker (not just the attachment) if the SAY YES offer for the "selling" month of June.  That means it started SATURDAY morning and goes through June 30th!!!  

Oh and if you join before Friday Night, June 2nd it is FREE when you join!
Say WHAT????  
Yes if you join my team before Friday June 2nd it is FREE ... but if you join on June 3rd or before June 30th there is a small co-pay but still a great deal.

Want it to be even better?
Have 1 standard party (that would be $500) or purchase samples or things for your personal use .. and all of that totals $500 BEFORE June 30th you get all the great attachments for a small co-pay.  

That means with just a little work from you, during the month of June, you could end up with over $300 in additional Tupperware products for $30 (or $50 if you wait until June 3rd)!  Pretty sweet right?

If you have forgotten, or haven't seen what is in the Tupperware Starter Kit ... here is the current picture.

I use so many pieces of Tupperware in my home, that I am the Tupperware Queen.  We, many times, buy large bottles and containers of things we use all the time at the big warehouse outlets and put them into Tupperware pieces for ease of use every day.

Have questions?
Give me a shout or jump on over to my Tupperware site and click on the "Join my Team" tab on the left side.

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