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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Andrea Pearson's Birthday SALE

I really needed to share this with you.
Many of you love to read.
Some love to read books that are filled with fantasy and action and tension/nail-biter scenes that are "safe to read" no matter who is around.... Andrea's books fit that bill.  
I like that anyone can read them because there is no sex/swearing but plenty of thought was put into these books to make them interesting.

To celebrate my author friend's birthday today, with her own celebration in mind, she's got a limited-edition box set on sale that contains 11 of her award-winning and bestselling urban fantasy novels for only $2.99!! Regularly priced at $31.99! 

That's right, you can have all 11 of her novels at a huge savings!  
Come check it out! 

This would be an awesome gift for those YA readers that you know.  You could get for yourself (you know you deserve a gift right?) or for someones upcoming birthday or Easter.  No one needs to know that you got it at a fabulous price!

It is available on Amazon with this link, so I'm not sure how long the price will be this good, so don't be dilly dallying.  I know it is available right now at that price, but with Amazon, you never know.

Oh and you don't have to take my word for it.  These series have had over 100,000 downloads so you know its not just me saying I've read them all.

Let's make her number 1 for her birthday ... now THAT would be an outstanding present for an author, don't you think?

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