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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Check out Andrea Pearson and the Katon University Series Short Term DEAL

You may have seen my reviews on Amazon for Andrea Pearson's book series, I hope so. But if not, I have to say I absolutely LOVED her newest books, now available in a complete series.  That series is the Katon University Series.  

Andrea is a Brigham Young University graduate who loves to read, write and spend time communing with nature.  She has always loved hiking, biking, walking and spending outdoors.  

She is the Executive Director for the IndieAuthorHub and the creator of the Writer's Progress Bar application. And she's an editor for Writing Essential.  WOW.

Now if that isn't enough, she is a wife and mother of two (one only 3 months old!) as well as a wonderful award winning YA author of many books in the Science Fiction/Fantasy and Paranormal genre.

Ok now that we got through that little bit of background, I have some exciting news for you.

First, her ENTIRE award-winning Katon University Series is available for only $0.99 until Sunday, February 21

Here’s a short description of the series directly from Andrea:

Nicole Williams has been chosen to lead a corrupt, anti-magic organization in a world revolution which will ultimately destroy all Aretes, including herself. But if she doesn't do it, a curse placed on mankind long ago will certainly lead to everyone's destruction.

The Complete Katon University Series is an adventure of mystery, politics, romance, and fantasy from start to finish. 

And for a limited time, it's available for just $0.99. Yes JUST $0.99!

Download it from AmazonNookiTunes, or Kobo.

Second, to help raise awareness for the promotion, Andrea has a huge giveaway going right now, with over $475 worth of prizes (including a $200 Amazon gift card) and ten possible winners. Check that out here

Third and last, Andrea is participating in a huge multi-author promotion that has Over 100+ free and $0.99 fantasy and science fiction books! 

If that has peaked your interest, come check out this promotion here

Just to make it even easier for you, 

Here are the links again for you to 
download this book series from your favorite platform:



Enter the giveaway here.

And then make sure 
you go see all the 
discounted and free books here

Check out Andrea's Blog to keep up with the goings on in her very busy life.

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