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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tupperware Mid October 2015

This morning Tupperware released their Mid October brochure that offers so many wonderful things.  You can purchase any of these items on my Tupperware website until November 13th (except the only at a party exclusive and the slim line set that is only available until Oct 30th).  Want that At a Party deal?  Message me and we can place the order for you on an existing order I have ... always a way around it, well almost aways.

I really love the Tuppertoy Build N Play Train and the TupperCanoe that I showed you here.

If you are starting to think about things to get for ready for the holidays and you are at a loss for what to do for your kid's teachers .... check out the TuperElf or Hanukkah canister sets. For $18 you get 4 canisters in a 2 cup size, that you could put candies or cookies or even gift cards in.  Then when the insides are gone, they have something to remember your child year after year after year.  But you know its not just for teachers, it could be for neighbors or your mailman or DHL or FedEx person!  

Now until October 23rd you can also pick up some awesome pink pieces that are pretty sweet!  I love these pieces (yes I have them all).  The Ultra Pro Square is fantastic for brownies or bars or small dinners.  I used mine the other day for a roasted chicken in the oven.  Yes these are the pieces that can be used in the oven or the microwave!

And those snack-stor containers are great for keeping those brownies fresh.  Stack up now for the holidays!  

And don't forget until October 30th you can add the deals found in the October all month brochure that I showed you here

If you would like to join the team, I had someone come up to me last night at a vendor event (he was a vendor from another company) that want to join us because it sounds so good, you can message me and we can share the benefits and get you signed up or you can sign up by going to my page and click on Join Us.

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