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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tupperware Grater Shredder

Ok this is the best thing I have gotten!  If you had gotten the Fusion Master for ground meats, fish, etc or the Juice Master you can just get the Grater Master Shredder attachment - the base is the same and comes with 2 size graters - small and large grates for all kinds of things.

No more shredded cheese in my shopping cart.  I will be making my own Shredded Cheeses and Cheese blends at home with this Grate Master Shredder from Tupperware. I can see this being used for so many things (not just cheese, but darn that's a great start) that I think it might be on my counter constantly and well worth the price.

But we all know that cheese, especially once it has been shredded doesn't seem to last as long in the refrigerator.  Well here is the answer I've been looking for.

This is going to be used a lot in my kitchen, I can see it already.  And now knowing that I can make some freezer container "life savers" I am going to be the shredding queen!

Oh and could you see some of this wonderful cheese on some of your burp bread?  I know I could.

How about some quick and easy cheesy hashbrowns?  I threw these together this morning in probably less time, or at least the same amount of time, than it would have taken to get store bought from the basement freezer and get in the pan.

I know I will be using this all the time - even if its just for a quick pick me up breakfast treat!

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