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Monday, August 4, 2014

Climate Change?

My daughter has been studying the environment and man's effect on the climate, and of course that got me thinking.  I mean how can you live in the same house with someone that is talking about a subject (even if she's not really talking about it to you) and not have an opinion.

I thought maybe you all might have some opinions on this too.  I loved some of the answers she gave as well as some she had gotten to the questions for the course.  So now I'm asking you, so I can compare what "the young folks" (college age) think and what we, who are in the "real world" think.

You could answer as short or as long as you want - but remember we are comparing these answers to college kids .... and they answer everything in as short as possible (I mean they love the 140 characters of twitter right?)

What do you think climate change is?

What steps have you taken to lessen your effect on climate change?

Do you think we can change/stop climate changes?


Carol Cassara said...

Global warming is fact, but some factions chose to deny it for political reasons. Now they can no longer deny what is so obvious. We can't make a dent in our life time but we can certainly start things in motion that could benefit future generations. but not sure we can make up for damge already done. It's sad.

BethElderton said...

I am not sure what "opinion" you are asking for. The overwhelming consensus among scientists is that humans are making measurable, observable changes to destabilize the Earth's climate. It's a fact. Personally, we have reassessed our values and are living a smaller life. However, significant measures must be taken on the global level. Other developed countries--even China--are leading the way with renewable energy and climate accords/agreements. The United States seems to be bogged down with political/religious denial that prevents us from making those changes---much less *leading* on those changes.