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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Amazon Fire TV

Have you joined the Amazon Fire TV Crowd?
I admit it - I have.  And I am so glad that we did.
I bet you would find all kinds of things that would make it a great buy for you too!

I have an Amazon Prime account, so it really was the next step to purchase one of these.  Once I connected my Amazon Prime account to my Amazon Fire TV I found a HUGE and I mean HUGE selection of TV shows and Movies that I could watch that I have missed.  Some I saw when they were originally broadcast and others I missed - not sure if it was because something else was on or if I just missed it ... but I have lots of new favorites to go with my "old" loves.

We have connected it to our Livingroom TV (a nice Sony HDTV that hubby just "had" to have) and you would think we had our own "stadium" or "movie theater" right in our house!

I know we have just scratched the surface but we already have some new favorites or go to shows when there seems to be nothing on TV.  They have a massive selection of shows and movies and of course games (but we haven't tried any of those yet).

I love that they have a voice search to find what you want to watch.  All you need to do is say the name of the show you want to watch and it finds it for you!  I think that is one of hubby's favorite - he doesn't have to do the searching ... or ask me to find it.

If you have kids, you can set up a "kids network" where you set up how much time they can watch as well as set up their own profiles.  I haven't gotten into this one too much since my "kid" is the one that got us all hooked up while she was home from college for the summer.  That's right, my kid in college ... I'm still having trouble with that one.  Set up is super easy too - and you don't need to have a kid in college to set it up.
Connect to the TV, 
Connect to your Internet
Start Watching

I love that I can catch up on the last season of Covert Affairs, that I somehow would miss.  I was so mad at myself for always having something to do when it was on or worse yet, fell asleep and missed all but the last 10 minute!  Now I was able to watch the entire season and be ready for the new season without missing a beat.

I started watching the series called "The Fringe" and now I can't stop.  I've gone through the first season and now I'm getting ready to watch the second.  Since it seems to have been around for a while, I'm hoping that the next season is as good as the first.  As much as this stretches the limits of what is "feasible", its not totally out there in the realm of Sci-Fi that you just can't watch anymore.

I guess I will start that season soon as well as look to see what else I might like to watch, like season one of Under the Dome.  I missed a few of the weekly shows and got lost - so I'm thinking its time to start from the beginning and catch up. And anyone who just loved Jack on 24 ... you guessed it.  IT'S HERE!

Hubby is liking that he gets to watch The Sopranos again from start to finish without having to get all the DVDs, although I'm sure he might like those as well.  Yes they even have all the seasons of The Sopranos for your watching pleasure!  I just saw that they have Duck Dynasty and American Pickers so I bet he will be trying to take over the TV if I'm not careful.

Anyway, the other thing that this baby does is give you a "one stop spot" for all kinds of viewing.  You can obviously hook up your Amazon account to it to view all their shows and movies (many of which are free with Prime) as well as your  Netflix and Hulu+ accounts and YouTube.com to rent low-cost movies and shows.  You can even watch Downtown Abby on this baby so I know there will be many people who would buy this just for that one show - but there are so many more that I bet you will love as much as I do.

There are just so many possibilities on this baby that I think every household should own an Amazon Fire TV.

Whatcha waiting for?

I bet you could get this baby at your house for about $100 and have YEARS of movies and shows to watch, that would be so much cheaper than going to the movies, which you probably don't do every day/night.

Adult movies and shows, Kids movies and shows - its a total win - win here.

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