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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh no WHEN will it fall??

As I am getting a few reviews posted (I think I've got 3 to do) I wanted to have some additional fun for you all.

We have our Sweet February Giveaway Hop going on.
We have our Extended January Tupperware Sale items going on.

And of course we have this WONDERFUL (NOT) Winter Wonderland going on ....... which trust me was NOT on my list of things for February (or March or January for that matter).

Lets have a "flash" type giveaway.   Post your guess as to when the "snow wave" will come off my Garage Roof.  This seems to be the place where all kinds of "interesting" curls occur and this season it is no different.

We had the additional snowfall and mix of snow and ice coming down since early this morning and this is what I saw when I got up this morning.  Yes it does make for a "surprise" if you go in or out of that door ... which we obviously don't use when this happens ... could you see being under that when the door slammed shut?  BRRRRR

Tell me below, when you think this current "wave" will fall off the roof and you will win a mystery gift.  Closest without going over wins.

Also leave me a way to contact you so I can get your shipping address ... I mean if you win you want your prize right?

Since you are here - jump over to the Sweet February Giveaway Hop and check out all the great prize possibilities ... lots of bloggers in this one.  Enter one or more and if you win ... let me know so we can brag about it!

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Lenore Webb said...

Saturday the 8th around noon? lynette355@yahoo