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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Todays wish for you

I hope you all stay warm today, wherever you may be.
We are having a "heat wave" here in NJ today - its 23 degrees (or so my outside thermometer says from the comfort of the INSIDE of my house).

I saw this the other day (I don't remember where but there are some "credits" on the picture) and just thought it was perfect to share with you today.

My wood stove is "cranking" out the heat ... thank you for all the wood we have still stacked outside the garage.  Yes that means I have to go outside to actually get the wood - but if I bring in a little each day we should be ok until the weather "breaks" again.  It can't stay this cold for too much longer, Can it?

So what are those good things that you would like to see come true?

Is it the winning lottery ticket?  Or just a warm comfy blanket?

Do you have plans for the day?  Are you in a snowy area so you can go sledding or skiing?
We have the snow, but I don't ski (ski season and tax season co-inside so ... you know which one ends up winning in this house) and I don't think I've been sledding since my son was like 8 ....... and he just turned 28 (oh me how did that happen?)

I think I will just stay by the wood stove, and have a nice cup of cappuccino - yes that sounds like a great idea.  What do you think?

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