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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Are you ready for Thanksgiving Plan Overs?

I know it happens at Thanksgiving and other big Holidays like that .... but it also happens with our every day meals.  You know what I mean right?  Plan overs ...... they are definitely NOT "left overs" because we have PLANNED on having extra servings for another meal that we either take for lunch, or freeze for another quick meal.

And we at Tupperware have you covered ... especially this month with an AWESOME value. You can check out all the wonderful CrystalWave products for your Planned Overs at my Tupperware Site then you will be ready for all those wonderful treats later in the week or month!

While you are there you should also check out some of the online exclusives like these below.

The silicone Baking Molds are AWESOME, microwave or oven your baked goods will be the star ... and check out the one touch canister set (with the peek window to let you know when you need more) with those colorful seals!

And those really nice trays .... if you have kids, they can have their own tray to eat from or use as their craft table or even for use in the car to keep them busy on a trip!  I even have a few to use as "TV trays".  You do remember TV trays right? or am I really dating myself??

Check out these and all the other wonderful things at Tupperware so that you could make your holidays and everyday SPECIAL just like you!

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