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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday 2013

It's Small Business Saturday!

I'm sure you probably already know what Small Business Saturday is, but just in case you are not from the US or aren't quite sure what all the "broohaha" is all about, let me explain.

Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. It was first "celebrated" on November 27, 2010, to encourage holiday shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local.  The small businesses this day was created to celebrate, are those mom and pop stores on the corner or one of the many home businesses that sell everything from natural products for home and health like Shaklee to kitchen, entertaining or organizing products like Tupperware.... and everything in between.

If you are doing your shopping this Saturday, whether it is for normal "every day" items or for holiday gifts, please help out a small business owner, and see what they have to offer - you could be very surprised.  And may just find that its even better than what you can get at those "big box" stores!

If you want to see what Tupperware has to offer - check out my Tupperware Site - I'd love for you to find things that you want from my site.  I'd love to be able to "award" you with an e-certificate for a future purchase based on your purchase from my site (check out my November offer here).

Friday, November 29, 2013

Negative People

Thought this was worth sharing

So the next time you are surrounded by people who are being negative ........ 
remember this and 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Poem

I stole this from my cousin - thanks Gail!

For all of us in the US who are celebrating Thanksgiving Today....

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Are YOU ready for those Black Friday Sales?

If you are still looking for things to get for the Holidays ... in my case Christmas, and really HATE the thought of those Black Friday Sale Crowds, I have a solution for you.  Shop with a small business person - Shop with Tupperware!

Just as an example - we have these great Girlfriend Sets ... now you don't have to just have these for 2 girlfriends - it could be for 1 girlfriend and then the rest for you or any combination.

There are all kinds of wonderful things on my Tupperware Site for all those special people on your list.

And don't forget that there are also "purchase with purchase" items that are at a discount ... like those Healthy Salad on the Go - spend $100 and you can get it for $11!

There are all kinds of wonderful lunch kits that all of those "little" people who take their lunches to school or daycare that can be found on my Site.  And don't forget there are some "special" things that are only available until midnight on Friday (kind of special Black Friday Specials) shown here.

There are so many things that you can get from Tupperware, all kinds of things for home, kitchen and more - and our limited lifetime warranty is THE BEST around! How many other companies will replace a lid that breaks? Don't think there are many (if any) that can beat the Tupperware Warranty!

And remember that this coming Saturday, November 30th is Small Business Saturday ... all those small businesses (and that includes me as a Tupperware Consultant) would love to have your business.  Small businesses are the "life blood" of this country - show a small business person that you appreciate all that they do ......... shop with a small business person on Saturday (and every day).

If you need help with anything on my site, please leave me a message or email me and I will get back to you ASAP.  I want you to be happy with your Tupperware products, just like me.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Are you a leader?

I saw this and just knew it was going to be printed out and put on my wall.

And of course you know if it is good enough to be printed out and put on my wall ....
I just MUST share it with you!

So what do you think? 
Are YOU a leader?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Discount on Blurb Print Books!

Now through November 30th use the Code: SAVE30 to recieve a 30% discount.
Valid for print books only. 

A 30% discount is applied toward your product total with a minimum order: 
USD $60, CAD $60, GBP £60, EUR €60, or AUD $60. 

The maximum discount is USD $100, CAD $100, GBP £65, EUR €75, or AUD $100 off product total. 

This is a one-time use offer, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders. 

The holiday shopping extravaganza has begun and family gatherings are going to create hundreds of moments to remember forever. 

Use the code: SAVE30 to save 30% on your next Blurb book order over $60. 

If you order a few printed books with all your Thanksgiving pictures, you can have them in time for Christmas! 

Blurb even allows you to use your Facebook and Instagram pictures to help build up your books, which is bonus in my book! Let your creativity flow over to Blurb and see what masterpiece you can make! 

(You really will look like a professional book maker with their software and finished products!) 

This post contains affiliate links. Which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase through my links above.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maxine explains Hot Flashes

I say this and laughed.
I guess I was really really lucky (or I'm going to get "hit" when I least expect it) but I didn't have any real problems with this.  Or could I really not yet be "old enough" ..........

I know I just jinxed myself, but I had to share this one with you because well, you know I LOVE Maxine!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Saying nothing at all

Here's another one of those that says so much to me.  

I think one of the hardest thing is to figure out just who those people are.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Are you ready for Thanksgiving Plan Overs?

I know it happens at Thanksgiving and other big Holidays like that .... but it also happens with our every day meals.  You know what I mean right?  Plan overs ...... they are definitely NOT "left overs" because we have PLANNED on having extra servings for another meal that we either take for lunch, or freeze for another quick meal.

And we at Tupperware have you covered ... especially this month with an AWESOME value. You can check out all the wonderful CrystalWave products for your Planned Overs at my Tupperware Site then you will be ready for all those wonderful treats later in the week or month!

While you are there you should also check out some of the online exclusives like these below.

The silicone Baking Molds are AWESOME, microwave or oven your baked goods will be the star ... and check out the one touch canister set (with the peek window to let you know when you need more) with those colorful seals!

And those really nice trays .... if you have kids, they can have their own tray to eat from or use as their craft table or even for use in the car to keep them busy on a trip!  I even have a few to use as "TV trays".  You do remember TV trays right? or am I really dating myself??

Check out these and all the other wonderful things at Tupperware so that you could make your holidays and everyday SPECIAL just like you!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Action is what is important

Some words of wisdom that we need to pass on to our children.  
I think it could save them much heartache, in both their professional and personal lives.

Sometimes I think it is things like this that I find, that I wish I had when my children were very young and "impressionable" ... but then I think I did a pretty good job.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thank you God

It is things like this that make me realize that no matter how unworthy I am,
I am loved and forgiven

Thank you God for giving me another day.
I hope one day, to be able to say that I am worthy, because I got it right.
But until that day, I thank You for giving me another chance.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Black Friday Savings EARLY

I love opening my Tupperware mail .... we get to see all this wonderful opportunities to pass on

These things are just AWESOME (yes I have a few of these already) and of course there are a few more things I would like to pick up..... and you can do the same at these great prices on my Tupperware Site.

My November Deal is still going on and includes the items shown here too!
Don't miss out on these great items ... and then you don't have to worry about Black Friday Crowds...

Spiderman Lunch Kit Giveaway!

The other day I posted a giveaway for all those girls that 
but I can't leave out our boys now can I?

How about a Spiderman Lunch Kit.

Easier than slinging a protective web around their lunch. 

The kit includes:

  •  Rectangular Sandwich Keeper, 
  • Small Packables™ Container and 
  • 16-oz./470 mL tumbler with liquid-tight seal and flip-top spout.

As with the Disney Fairies Lunch kit, you can purchase this set on my Tupperware Site so you will be a superstar to your favorite Super Hero Lover! Or if you need more than one.

OR you can win it right here!

I am giving away 1 Ultimate Spiderman Lunch Kit to a lucky reader to make their Super Hero Lover's Lunch a SUPER time!

I hope you will share with your friends and family so that we can have a great "showing" here and we can have ideas for future giveaways!  You never know what will end up as a self sponsored giveaway item.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sidewalk art ...

One of the girls in the office shared these and I really was in awe of the work that is done to put these together.  Yes it really is on a sidewalk.  
Could you see this in New York City?  
Can you just imagine the amount of time and just how tedious this is to get it perfect the first time?

How would you like to see this on your sidewalk?

Or this one?

This one is really "neat".  The helicopter with "people" hanging off the bottom.  The buildings and cars below.

But I just love that people are walking or driving past (see them in the top of the picture) as if this is an every day occurance.

But I think this one would be awesome in a courtyard!

What do you think?  Are these not just the most awesome pieces of "art" that you have seen today?

Which was your favorite?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Disney Fairies Lunch Kit Giveaway

Do you have a little girl in your life that LOVES the Disney Fairies?
Are you looking for something special for her for the holidays?

Take flights of fairy fancy with Tinker Bell and friends. 

The set includes:
a 16-oz./470 mL tumbler with virtually liquid-tight seal and flip-top spout, 
a Small Packables™ Container 
a Rectangular Sandwich Keeper.

This kit will make you a super star and make her lunch an event that all of her friends will want too.

If you would like to make sure that you can make your little one very happy, you can buy your own kit right now on my Tupperware Site 
OR you can win it here!
I am giving away 1 Disney Fairies Lunch Kit to one lucky reader to make the Disney Fairies Lover in their life really special this year.

I hope you will share with your friends and family so that we can have a great "showing" here and we can have ideas for future giveaways!  You never know what will end up as a self sponsored giveaway item.

Beat the Black Friday Crowds!

Don't let Black Friday be your downfall!
Don't get all stressed out.

Beat the Black Friday Crowds .....

Don't be one of those stuck in those crowds ... 
start your Holiday Shopping at my online Tupperware Party

Just enter your name, email address and click no to attend. 
Then you can order as if you were partying without the crowds.

We have great items on sale this month as I noted in the Mid November Brochure post and the Tupperware Holiday Specials that can be purchased at my online Tupperware Party so there is no need for the hustle and bustle of that crazy day.

Want to have your own party?  We could do one for you too.  You could have your own book party (I will get you some brochures/catalogs and such) and make it an online (Tupperconnect) party for those friends and family who are out of town.  Talk to me and we can get you started!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Personalized!

It can be really hard buying books for people as gifts.  Everyone now has an e-reader and has a complete library of e-books (I know I am one of those) but sometimes you want to really hold on a book, especially if it is a special book.  

Here in lies the problem, unless you live in their book shelf, you never know which books they already have, which book they would think is special enough to hold a space on their bookshelf. And then when you do find the right book to give it to them, how do you make it really personal? Put in a book plate? Write an inscription? How do you make the whole thing totally them?

I know you already know about the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books, they can be of such comfort when you see them on the shelf and even more as you sit quietly and read/reflect on them.  You know that there are so many wonderful thoughts within those pages that will make you (or whoever is reading it) feel like you are not alone.
These personalized “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books are one really great way to share something special. 

Not only do you get to choose from five different story themes (from “Christmas Stories” to “Giving thanks”), you can personalize it in ways you just can’t with a conventional book. As the title suggests, these are stories meant to comfort and heal.

Your custom “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book will truly be a book for them because the book is printed with their name on the cover, as the recipient. And it’s truly from you because your name is printed on the cover as the giver. You can even include an inscription inside the book and on the back cover. Even add a photo to the back.

What a wonderful way to share you sorrow and sympathy when a friend has lost a loved one.  We all know that feeling when we want to say something, but just can't find the words.  They have picked stories about remembering those that have been lost, about finding comfort and healing that can help you find the words you are looking for or that will speak to their sorrow and help them heal.

There are other nice options to choose from, like the type of cover you’d like and the type of paper. It takes just about five minutes to make it a truly custom book. And chances are, it’s something they’ll love forever. And a 60-page book starts at just $24.95. You also have an option to increase the size of the book from 60 pages to 120  pages for just $10 more!  There are so many ways to personalize these books so that it will always have a special place on their bookshelf.

There’s a quick video here: Chicken Soup for the Soul that shows you how to fill in all the info using a simple online tool. The books are all done by Blurb, so you know the quality is going to be great.

Until 11/21/13 
you can save 25% when you spend $50 or more 

Looks like a win-win to me.

Although this is a sponsored post, it is based on my own opinion, that has not been influenced by any remuneration I may receive. 

Holiday Gifts 2013

I know you are like me and have people on your holiday gift list that are foodies or are among the ones you share cookies and goodies with.

This year you should think about the container that you put those cookies and goodies in.  Make those containers just as special as the cookies and goodies that you "slaved" over to bring them.  Or maybe for showing off your cookies at the cookie exchange.  This Disney Cookie Container is available as an online exclusive at my Tupperware Site.  If you are part of a party we have another container (actually a set of 2) you can also pick up.  We have quite a few other Disney motif items available as well, if you have a Disney lover at home.

Or how about some really awesome caramel corn that you can easily make in the Stack Cooker and then served/given in these mini canisters, that would be great for teacher's gifts

Earlier this week I showed you some of the Holiday Specials by Tupperware and the mid-November items that could make those containers unique.

And then you could also do something like this Snowman Soup!  I think this is a wonderful idea for anyone that likes hot cocoa.  They will remember you every time they use their mug.  It is a great gift that goes far beyond the season - LOVE the reusable mug for cocoa and soup and stew and so much more.  You can make these for stocking stuffers or teacher gifts or how about your favorite bus driver or delivery person?  With the attendance offer, you could get 2 of these mugs (for two gifts or for your favorite couple) for just $12!

Personally I am looking to "extend" my UltraPro collection with the Ultra Pro minis ... I love the make in the microwave, make in the oven or make in a combination of both (tamdum cooking).  I use the ones I have already all the time!  Just this past weekend, I had a stuffed turkey breast that I had picked up at Costco and did that one in the UltraPro Casserole Pans.  It was AWESOME thank you.   I can see individual lava cakes, among other things, in these babies!

Remember you can pick up these and so much more at my Tupperware Site where you can place your order yourself, and benefit from the online exclusives or you can message me and I will call you for your order, as well as shipping and payment information and you can benefit from the attendance offer (the bogo soup mug shown with the Snowman Soup recipe above).

These items are available to December 13th and will be there for Christmas delivery.  However, if you see something that you want, I wouldn't wait.  You never know when something will sell out and then you will be stuck again trying to figure out what to get!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to keep the Shadows behind you

Really this is so simple I can't believe we all don't think of this when our troubles threaten to overtake us.

Now find your sunshine so you never have to worry about shadows again!

Don't you agree?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrate Your Holiday Wish Giveaway

We would love to have you Celebrate YOUR Holiday Wish with US. 

Celebrate Your Holiday Wish Giveaway   Nov 11-30, 2013 Open to US

Think of what you could do with a win here to knock out a good part of your Holiday Gifts this year.  No more wishing you had the money to get the perfect gift for someone on your list.  No more scrimping on this month's grocery fund to make sure you have money for a special gift - you would already have it!  These are part of the reasons I joined in on this event.  You know I love to share great deals and this is one of them.  I would love to be able to say one of my readers was lucky enough to nab this great deal!

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

Sponsored by Celebrate Woman Today

What would be your Holiday Wish this year? The one that could warm your heart and have a powerful effect on you and your living for a long year ahead, may be even your entire life? We would encourage you to go for it and take the steps to get what you wish for yourself and for other people in your life.

As the gift giving season has opened up its possibilities, we'd love you, our fans, have more opportunities to win great prizes in the next two months. This event would send a lucky winner on a shopping spree to Target. Who wouldn't love that? Lot's of choices there to satisfy all ages and tastes. 
Ready to enter your chances to make one of your wishes come true?

Prize – $300 Target Gift Card To Make Your Wish Come True This Season

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck to everyone - I know the winner will be thrilled to have a big chuck of their holiday shopping taken care of - but secretly I want it to be one of my readers ... so an extra "good luck" to all of you!  SHHHHH we won't tell any of the other bloggers you have "extra" luck on this one!


Veteran's Day 2013

Today is the day that we honor "officially" all those wonderful men and women who have served our country over the years with honor.

We can never thank them enough for their service.  Hopefully they all know how much we appreciate what they have done to allow us to have the freedom that we have in this country.

Freedom isn't free, it is earned.  
It is a gift that is given to us because of the veteran who defended our right to be free.

I think that Lee Greenwood said it best in his song God Bless the USA.
He is Proud to be an American, just as I am, just as each and every member of our military is, just as our veterans are.

But to our Veterans, I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you for your service.  But this is the best I can do.

If I see you around town, or in an airport and thank you - please accept it for what it is - my heart felt thank you for what you have done and for what you have given to me and my family.

It is because of what you have given, what you have sacrificed so that I can continue to live in this land of the free.

A few years ago I shared this video on the Angel Flight  that should be viewed to see how our heroes are honored when they have given the ultimate sacrifice defending the call of freedom.   Grab your tissues before you view (Lee's song brings tears to my eyes and sometimes makes me cry but this one just makes me cry every time)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tupperware Holiday Specials

I just saw this the other day when I was getting the final things printed for my board at the vendor event.

I know I have the cookie containers - and absolutely LOVE mine.  I don't like to have too many cookies around, but you know if you go to one of the big warehouse stores they have those fresh made cookies that just seem to make it into your cart???  I have had good luck keeping the cookies fresh in these containers than anything else I have used.  I think I get about 30 cookies (and they are good sized cookies) in a container.  And to get a set of 2!  Great deal!

The Jolly Holly tumblers are really a great idea for stocking stuffers or for grandma's house or just for home and getting 4 for just $19 is really pretty sweet.  

Now it looks like it really is something that I have to place the order for, it doesn't look like it is available in my online Tupperware Site, but if you would like to order any of these, send me a message and I will contact you about getting your information/shipping details.  You might want to checkout my site so that you could add one or both of these to even more items to get your holiday shopping going.  I know there are a few things that I would like to pick up for myself!

Be thankful

tell me what you think

I know it is easy to be thankful for the "good" things, but oh so hard to be thankful for those things that aren't quite what you were thinking of.   Sometimes we have to think of those things as something that is "better than it could have been".... and THAT could be your blessing.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Its the Mid November Tupperware Brochure!!!

I can't believe how many AWESOME things that are in this brochure.  You could get so many of your holiday gifts "knocked out" and be sure that they are delivered before the holidays!  You can just click on the link for my "current party" at the top right sidebar (enter name/email address/click no to attend then start placing your order) plus you can add any of the internet only items too.

I can see a girlfriend set or 2 holiday gifts or 1 for you and then a holiday gift for a friend with the CrystalWave Holiday Set and the CrystalWave 2 1/2 cup bowls for a total payment of just $92. plus S&H that would give a 5 bowl set in each gift!  Mark off 2 holiday gifts right there!!!
I can already think of a few who would love to have these.

Look at those Holiday Reindeer Containers ... soooo darn cute and the Holiday Cookie Cutters would be great to go with the Mix-N-Store, Squeeze It Decorator and the wonderful Anti-Slip Pastry Sheet - you guessed it another great holiday gift! Already these are NOT available.  Don't wait if there is something you want!

And don't forget that we always have those short term items that are sure to please but are only available for the first 2 weeks.  Check these out and make sure that you order them from my Tupperware Site before Nov 29th.

The Giant Canister would be awesome for caramel corn or lots and lots of cookies!  And then those mini canisters (remember you get 4) are great for all kinds of treats.

Now I will definitely be getting a set of the UltraPro Minis with the covers - I LOVE my UltraPro that goes from the microwave to the oven without missing a beat and I can see all kinds of cute individual cake and goodies made in either the microwave or the oven in these.  They are not available in the Fall/Holiday catalog, so if you are interested don't miss them in this 2 week period or they could be gone..... Oh and that twistable peeler is making a "surprise visit" so grab it - I haven't seen one of these available for purchase in at least 6 months!

I really like how easy the corkscrew is --- I know I know but really so easy to use even a "child could do it" but then we are all children at heart right??

Don't forget you can pick up these items and so much more on my Tupperware Site or if you want that "attendance" offer of the crystalwave soup mug BOGO, message me and I will call you for your information (shipping, credit card info and items) and we can add you to an existing party (along with anything else you want) and have it shipped directly to you in time for the holiday celebration!

Remember I wanted to make this deal with you - for the month of November, which includes this brochure as well as our current Catalog, the Fall/Holiday Catalog.  

If you order from me (easiest way is to use the current party in top sidebar and follow the simple instructions) I will send you a Tupperware e-gift certificate for 10% your order when your order is at least $50 before S&H&T.  So if you order $50, I will send you an e-certificate for $5, order $100 and I will send you an e-certificate for $10 off a future order and so on. 

You can order more than once during the month and get this deal from me again.  If you place a qualifying order and then find other things you want - think about those holiday gifts -  you can get those on a separate order and still qualify if each order is at least $50 before S&H&T.

Remember you must order from me to get this deal.  You can order from my Tupperware site, on my current party (top right sidebar), or you can message me with your product details, including a phone number and I will call you for shipping and payment info.

When you take advantage of this deal, with a qualifying order, message me with your order number so that I can track it back and get your info for your e-gift certificate.  I don't want to miss anyone, so when you get your order number - message me.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Know when to let go

I know that I have a little trouble letting go.
If you ask my kids ... its more than a little problem.

But sometimes you just need to sit back and think

Ok kids ... I finally got it 


I will let you know when you are no longer good for me :)

Love you

Now you need to think about this and remember to follow it as well.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

#Great Gifts Giveaway Hop

I am happy to say that I have joined with a great group of bloggers to bring you the

We must thank our hosts, 
for bringing this together.

Each of us in the hop will have a great gift that will be worth at least $25.

It is my belief that when we think of great gifts, we are always thinking about someone else, our spouse, our kids, our friends, and we seem to "forget" about giving a gift to ourselves.  Just because we give a gift to ourselves does not mean we are being selfish, lets face it we are just as deserving of a great gift as anyone else on our list.

For my great gift, I am giving away something that is perfect for YOU.  

I am sharing with one lucky winner 
a Dr Lewinn by Kinerase 5 piece skin care system 
worth over $150! 

The Kinerase package I will be sending includes a HydraBalance Foaming Cleanser, the Instant Perfecting B.B. Cream with Sunscreen, a Wrinkle Repair Daily Lotion with SPF 30, an Under Eye Recovery Daily Treatment and a Perfecting Skin Tone Serum.

These products are wonderful whether you are 21 or 71 and make you feel like you are at your most beautiful. They will make your face feel wonderful, make your skin look brighter and more vibrant, will help to reduce puffy eyes, will even out your skin tone and help to reduce fine line, wrinkles and blemishes.

How do they do this you ask?  They contain kinetin, that helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It also helps to improve the appearance of the skin's texture, tone and blotchiness. They will visibly extend the skin's youthful appearance by improving cell health - pretty high tech don't you think?

After you have entered my giveaway, I hope you will hop around to all the blogs and see what else is being offered for your pleasure.  I'd love to see lots of my readers winning in these giveaways.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Make your book on Blurb and SAVE

With the holidays approaching (I know I think it is too early to be doing this - and don't get me started with the holiday music in stores ...) I have a deal for you that can get you started (or in some cases finished).  This deal is great for those of us that like to do more than just "plunk down the credit card" when we give gifts. This way you can be "involved" in the whole process and give gifts that will be passed down or raved about for years to come!

Save 20% when you spend $40 or more on print books at Blurb
When you use the coupon code: MORESAVINGS
**Offer valid through 11:59 PM on November 11, 2013 (local time). Valid for printed books only. 

A 20% discount is applied toward your product total with a minimum order of $40. Maximum discount is USD $100 or CAD $100 off product total. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.

Save $25 when you spend $100 or more on print books at Blurb
When you use the coupon code: EARLYSAVINGS
**Offer valid through 11:59 PM on November 11, 2013  (local time). Valid for printed books only. 

A $25 discount is applied toward your product total with a minimum order of $100. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders. 

If you are "stumped" but know you want to do something different.  
How about getting inspired with Blurb's Gift Center?

There are a lot of gifts you could give this holiday season, but when it comes to something really meaningful, there’s nothing quite like the gift of a book you've made yourself. But before you start having visions of gluing and sewing together pages, check out the Blurb Gift Center.

Blurb lets you make seriously beautiful books using their free tools. Just add photos and text, choose your options (like paper and cover type), and then order. Of course, you do have to decide just what kind of book you want to make. But relax, because they have put together the cool Blurb Gift Center to give you lots of ideas.

For instance, if you've got a genealogical bent or you know someone who wants to keep the family history in one place, there’s the Blurb Family History Book.  I know this would have been great when my kids were in school and we had to do the "family tree" ..... no more frantic phone calls the day before it was due!
For those with newborns (or those that know someone with a newborn), a Blurb Baby Book might be just the thing.  Think about a great grandparents book that they will cherish for years to come (and drag out to share with the "intended" before the big day)

And if you’re the kind of person who keeps getting asked for copies of your recipes or if you have been collecting recipes "all over the place", think about making a Blurb Food Book so you don't end up "losing" a favorite or a "must try" before you even get to try it.

This holiday season, make your gift recipients feel really special by making them something special. There really is a book for everyone

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tupperware Turkey Day Giveaway!

Gobble gobble, it's almost turkey time! 

Tupperware is giving you a chance to win one of THREE packages.  Each package includes all the Tupperware tools you'll need to prepare their Juicy Brined Turkey with Pear Stuffing recipe! Featuring UltraPro and Chef Series, this set is perfect for the holidays and beyond.  This prize package is worth OVER $400!!  That's right each winner receives a package worth OVER $400!  

This giveaway starts today and runs through November 19th so HURRY. Believe me you really really would love to have this appear at your door!

The UltraPro pieces are wonderful - I use mine ALL THE TIME.  You can start your meal in the microwave and finish it in the oven (but you could just put it into the oven from the start too) and cut down on your cooking time. It's called "tandem cooking" and it really makes week night meal prep a breeze.

The Chef Series pans are probably the BEST pans in the world.  They have been compared to some of those name brand professional stainless steel cookware and have come up a winner.  I will have to find the comparison sheet for the Chef Series vs "the others" and share it with you.

BUT I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to say one of my readers was the winner!

Enter here » http://a.pgtb.me/QrFnnn

3 winners will receive one each of the following items: 

  • UltraPro 3.5-Qt./3.3 L Lasagna Pan with Cover (Suggested Retail Value $99 US/ $119 CDN), 
  • UltraPro 6-Qt./5.7 L Roasting Pan with Cover (Suggested Retail Value $109 US/ $129 CDN), 
  • Make it Modern with UltraPro Recipe Booklet (Suggested Retail Value $5 US/ $6.50 CDN), 
  • Chef Series 3-Qt./2.8 L Saucepan with Strainer Cover (Suggested Retail Value $209 US/ $251 CDN)
Leave me a comment when you enter ... I'd love to be looking for YOUR name on the list of winners!

Remember you can always check out what sales are going on at Tupperware from my Tupperware Site, of course can pick up everything that you need there.

You can order with or without my help - my "store" is always open!  And remember my November offer - that can help make your holiday shopping even easier on you.  Don't worry about Black Friday shopping with the crush of people looking for the "perfect" sale.  You can do your shopping right here, right now and have it ready for the holiday.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

FridgeSmart is FreshSmart

I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE these containers.

I can keep my produce ... veggies as well as fruit fresh so much longer that we actually get to eat what I buy and not end up throwing it in the trash so it actually SAVES me MONEY!

You can see more of these great products on my Tupperware Site where you can get started on your own produce savings.

I use my fruit and veggie drawers for "other" things now since these containers work so well sitting on the shelf - and I can always see when I need to pick up more.  AND because you can see through the container when you open the fridge door you are more apt to eat more fruits and veggies because they aren't "hiding in the drawer"

Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's FALL BACK time

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday morning (early early early) we are suppose to follow that wonderful "tradition" of turning the clocks back 1 hour .......... so we can get an extra hour of sleep.  Now you will get that extra hour if you remember to do it before you go to bed.

So I am going to do my "civic" duty and remind you by  I'm telling you this so that YOU remember to change it.  But then it is also a way to remind myself so I don't forget either.  I mean I like to be "early" for appointments ... but more than an hour (if I forgot) would be a bit much.

Now I love the thought of having an extra hour of sleep .... but when I saw these (mainly on Facebook) I just had to share, since these are sooo perfect!

I really like this one

Now this one has the same "sentiment" just presented in a slightly "different" manner ..... I'm still partial to the first one cause back to when I was 20 would be great - especially if I would know what I know now back then!

Does this ring any bells with anyone?  Or is it that Maxine and I are the only ones that have "realized" this??

And this is the perfect time to make sure that you have fresh batteries in your smoke detectors ...

It's a great time to do it so that every year you KNOW that you have the protection that you bought those smoke detectors (and CO2 detectors) for.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Kat's November Tupperware Event

Right now we are in the "last week" of the Mid October brochure, which has some really awesome items in it.  If you missed it ....

Now I know that the Hello Kitty Bowtastic Lunch Set has had such a fantastic showing that it is currently on backorder until Nov 11th!  So if you wanted to pick this one up ... you can order it now at the "sale" price but know that it won't be shipped until after this mid month catalog ends.

The Large Carry-All with handle is the absolute BEST for keeping your kids (or grandkids) treasures safe, or things that you treasure safe and sound.  I know I already have 1 and am thinking I will be getting another one before this ends because at $28 it is a "steal".

With the upcoming holiday season (I can't believe its going to be Christmas in less than 2 months) I wanted to help my readers and customers get their holiday shopping started.  There are so many great things that you can get for the holidays - whether it is for gifts (like the FridgeSmart Get-It-All set that could be broken into 2 gifts or some of the lunch kits in the Fall/Holiday catalog) or for your own kitchen and holiday festivities.

I want to make this deal with you - for the month of November, which will include this brochure as well as the Mid-November brochure that starts on November 9th (and I will post a one pager quick sheet for that one too) as well as our current Catalog, the Fall/Holiday Catalog.  
If you order from me (easiest way is to use the current party in top sidebar and follow the simple instructions) I will send you a Tupperware e-gift certificate for 10% your order when your order is at least $50 before S&H&T.  So if you order $50, I will send you an e-certificate for $5, order $100 and I will send you an e-certificate for $10 off a future order and so on.

You can order more than once during the month and get this deal from me again.  If you want things in the mid-October brochure (that ends on Nov 8th at midnight EASTERN time) and then find things you want in the mid-November brochure, you can get those on a separate order and still qualify if each order is at least $50 before S&H&T.

Remember you must order from me to get this deal.  You can order from my Tupperware site, on my current party (top right sidebar), or you can message me with your product details, including a phone number and I will call you for shipping and payment info.

When you take advantage of this deal, with a qualifying order, message me with your order number so that I can track it back and get your info for your e-gift certificate.  I don't want to miss anyone, so when you get your order number - message me.