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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The return of our winter wonderland

Yes we did get a little snow yesterday/last night.  Now we didn't get as much as Boston got, thank God!, but we did have about 9 inches or so that needed to be dealt with.

Yes that is about 7.5 inches of snow on my deck railing ---- and you know how it is "difficult" to keep anything on a railing that is maybe 2 - 3 inches wide ..........

This is looking out my front door down the driveway that my very nice snow plow person had taken care of for us .... we just had the steps and cars (ok Jenn's car and the truck) areas to be taken care of.  Oh and of course my mother in laws but I couldn't deal with taking pictures there.

And then we have out the front door, in the other direction to those "little" evergreen trees on the corner of our property.  One of those "little" trees was the blue spruce that we planted when Dan was just 3 years old ... and he "towered" over it.  Now it definitely towers over my 6'2" (or so) son.

Now if this could be the last of the white stuff that we get for the season I would be a happy camper.  It can be cold, but leave out the white stuff please...........

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Tammy S said...

I don't miss the snow. I used to live in Montana. so I know what a lot of snow is like. But you do have to admit when you look out and it looks so peaceful, it's an amazing site.