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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peek-a-boo Disney

I just had to share these.  If you are looking for something for kids as stocking stuffers or for kids parties THIS could be perfect.  Our Disney Peek-a-boo Tumblers

Check these out!
You get all 5 in the Mid November Brochure at a really great price!
You can break them up and have 5 gifts or give a whole set.
I'm thinking this would be great for a kids birthday party.  How many times are you looking for "something" to give as a thank you for coming gift?  And then you spend an arm and a leg on stuff they really don't want or need or worse yet is full of sugar.
Don't miss out on this great idea that is available in our Mid-November Brochure ONLY until December 14th at a great sale price.  Email me/Message me/Go to MY Tupperware site but don't miss out.

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