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Friday, August 24, 2012

Tupperware Possibilities

I know you all know this already, but I have recently become a Tupperware Consultant (remember Tupperware?) because I really do love Tupperware.   I've been sharing some of the things I have found to use my Tupperware products.  I have even more great recipes - both from Tupperware and Weight Watchers to share as the weeks go by.  And of course I am always looking for more recipes to try and to share.

You know that they have some awesome new products and some tried and true "oldies but goodies" that I have had forever!  I have some canisters that sit on my shelf keeping things airtight and "bug" free that I know they still have - just the color caps have changed - says a lot for this product all by itself.  When I was looking through the catalog I saw one of the toys my kids had when they were young - that would be over 20 years ago and its still going strong!

I am having a lot of fun in my new endeavor and wanted to share with everyone here a proposal/opportunity that could be helpful for both of us.

  1. If you would like to purchase some Tupperware, there is always an e-party set up on my blog (see link on upper right corner).  Or if you want to have a catalog party,  just email me and I will get you a catalog or two and instructions on what is needed.    OR

  2. If you would like to join me as a Tupperware consultant and get these awesome products at deep discounts (Kits start at $79.99 plus shipping for over $300 worth of product) plus deep discounts on products to increase your kit at sampling prices.   OR

  3.  If you're not interested in becoming a consultant - think about being an "order taker" for me. I will give you a hostess credit/certificate for your troubles. Take orders worth $250 and I'll get you a $25 credit. The more order $s you get, the higher your credit will be. Credits start when you hit $250 in valid orders. 

 Email me if you are interested so we can discuss these options and get you started ASAP. 

Together we could be an AWESOME team! 

Hope to hear from you soon.

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