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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rafflecopter Giveaway is fixed - again

Rafflecopter was down again for a few hours today (not sure exactly how long) as well as a few times while I was away.   But it appears to be fixed.

Hopefully its fixed for good (ok fingers crossed) but as this could have had an effect on entries to my Celebrating Home Bean Pot giveaway - Ive extended the ending date to help anyone that was having problems and wanted to enter to win this GREAT kitchen tool.

So hurry on over and check it out    -   enter today (share with your friends) so everyone can pick this up with great discounts available!  Thanks for sharing.

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Terri's Little Haven & Jenn Too said...

Rafflecopter has been having quite a few problems this year. I'd love to try Giveaway Tools for my giveaways but I can't get an invite from them yet. I'll see if the bean pot giveaway is still going on. I entered it the last time I visited.