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Monday, January 2, 2012

National Weigh-in Day

I was going through some magazines that I had recently purchased but hadn't gotten to actually sit down and read.  You know things have been a little crazy lately - with the holidays and all the "visits" from family and friends.

I did not make a New Years resolution this year (well again this year).  Did you?  But while I was looking through some of those magazines I found out that Today is National Weigh-in Day.

I have to get my weight back under control.  I was doing really well - even surprised myself.  Then 2011 hit, along with the "serious" start of menopause (but of course I will NOT admit to getting old), and I'm in serious trouble.  I have been thinking seriously about what happened and what didn't.

2012 is my year!
It will be my year to get back in control.
My year to feel better about where I am
And it WILL be my year to get back down to my goal weight.

In honor of this day, there are many companies that are recognizing this special day like the Kellogg Company at The Special K brand marks January 2 - National Weigh-in Day.  The Woman's Day Community is holding a 12 in '12 Challenge AND National Weigh-In is January 2nd to help you get on track with making changes for 2012.

I will be working on this for all of 2012.  I have a brand new scale (Weight Watchers Scale by Conair), a new set of DVD's (10 Minute Solution - Dance your body Thin) to go with my Leslie Sansone Walking DVD's, a journal to record my thoughts and feelings as well as my exercise and diet every day and a resolve to take back my life.  I may even start a new "series" of posts to keep everyone updated as to my progress, and then maybe others can update us on their progress as well. 

See I have been thinking about this and decided long before the holidays that THIS is going to be MY YEAR

How about you?
Are you going to make 2012 YOUR year?
What is it that you want to do in 2012?
Declare it so we can all help keep you on track, then at the end of 2012 we can all say I DID IT.

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