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Thursday, December 29, 2011

We have a WINNER of Baby It's COLD Outside!

Yes indeed we have a winner.  I just love to be the "bearer" of glad tidings.

I think we had a pretty good turn out for this giveaway ...... even with or maybe because of, the mystery items that are to be in the box.

The Winner of the 
2.5lbs of Starbucks Hot Cocoa and Mystery Items in the 
#459 Mary Baker

Congratulations Mary.

I sent off an email to Mary last night and have already heard from Mary, so I will be sending off her box of "goodies" later this afternoon.  I hope that she will enjoy all the mystery items as much as the Hot Cocoa!

But before I packed up all her winnings, I took a picture so that I can share with everyone what Mary won.

In case you can't see everything in the picture, In addition to the huge canister of Hot Cocoa from Starbucks, we have mini-marshmallows, mini candy canes to use as stirrers (and to add a peppermint flavor), some flavorings (almond, coconut, raspberry and orange) to give some extra variety to all that cocoa and some cinnamon sticks.  We have 2 mugs with cute snowmen on them and a mini wire whisk to help mix everything up.  And in case you have too much cocoa, we also included 3 boxes of holiday teas.  Oh and a 2 year (yes 2) calendar to keep appointments and birthdays and such together in one place.

Shoooooeww  This box is HEAVY!
I just got back from the post office ... this box is almost 9 pounds!

I had fun with this one ......... now I have to think of another something to do for a giveaway.  I wonder what I can do - any suggestions?  What would YOU like to see coming in YOUR mailbox as the next winner?


Terri's Little Haven said...

Congrats to the winner, what fun items to win!!

marybaker112 said...

I am thrilled! I can't wait to get it! I have never had anything from Starbucks, and have been craving hot chocolate! The weather has just turned cold, so it will go nicely! You have really went above and beyond putting this gift together, and everything is really appreciated! I am starting over from scratch and on a very limited income so there is nothing there I can not use! Thanks so much. Wishing all a great, and safe New Year!

Kat said...

I'm so glad you are liking everything in the box. I really did have fun trying to think of and find things that would all go together and would "ship" well.

Have a wonderful New Year!

marybaker112 said...

I received the package today! Love it! Thanks so much! I'll be having a cup of Hot Chocolate for New Years Eve!