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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hampton Duraceramica - THE kitchen knives you MUST have

I was in Costco (the Warehouse chain) recently picking up a few things before the holiday rush started and saw something I had been looking for since watching the PBS cooking show with Chef Ming Tsai.  White Ceramic Knives.  Yes I did say Ceramic Knives.  And I confess, they are sexy.

I had thought that I could never afford to have these beautiful knives unless I sold my first born.  But lucky for me (and him), there was a coupon and a VERY REASONABLE pricetag on this great set of 4 ceramic knives.  Yes I thought I had gone to heaven  -  then I heard someone calling to open another register and I knew this was real!

The press release back in March said, "Hampton fabricates DuraCeramica with a breakthrough manufacturing process that turns high quality ceramic into an ultra strong, ultra sharp blade that should never need sharpening."

The box it came in says that it is 10 times sharper than steel, forever sharp, stain and rust proof, resists bacteria and top rack dishwasher safe.  All of which are great qualities for knives that will come in contact with food and the fact that it can go in the dishwasher and still stay sharp  ... heaven.

I remember, while watching one of  Chef Tsai's cooking spots, that he said something about how sharp these knives were to one of his guest chefs, and I thought to myself - how sharp can they be?  Well I have to tell you, they are really really sharp.  Definitely NOT something that should be in the hands of a child, of ANY age.  They even come with their own blade guard that is color coded to match the knife itself.

The set included:

-   6” Chef Knife with a Raspberry Red comfort handle.
-   5” Santoku Knife with a Mint Green comfort handle.
-   5” Utility Knife (Serrated) with a Lemon Yellow comfort handle. (I couldn't tell it was serrated)
-   4” Parer Knife with a Citrus Orange comfort handle.

I have to say these knives are fantastic.  I have been using these every chance I get since I picked them up and I am in love with them.  Yes they are super sharp.  Yes they are dishwasher safe (top rack).  Yes they are comfortable to use.

I won't get rid of my other knives - they are good knives but I have a feeling I will be reaching for these when I prepare meals for a good long time I think.  If they stay as sharp as they are today, it will be a very long time.

If you see these in your local warehouse or store, it is my recommendation that you pick them up, you won't be disappointed.

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