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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cynthia Cooper

Do you remember WorldCom? 

Do you know anyone who worked there or anyone who became of victim of their fall from grace?

Does the name Cynthia Cooper mean anything to you?

While I was at the NJSCPA convention last week in Atlantic City, I had the privilege of meeting Cynthia Cooper, a former vice president at WorldCom, and listen to her speak about, in a very condensed version, what happened and how she ended up in the middle of this economic and financial nightmare.

I was able to purchase her book, Extraordinary Circumstances which Business Week thought was "well worth reading" and USA Today said was "A powerful tale".  I've just started reading - but I have to say that I am enjoying it so far.  Even if you are not an accountant (we are sometimes a unique group) I believe it will be easy to read.  

Although this is a the story of corporate dishonesty and financial ruin, it also shows us that you do not have to be "one of the sheep" but you can rise above it and be a leader.  YOU can be a Cynthia Cooper and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

If you get a chance - go look for this book (its also available in a Kindle version) and see what kind of a leader Cynthia Cooper turned out to be.  I would like to think that I too would have the courage of my convictions if I was in her position - I'm just not positive that I have the strength that she had.

Thank you Cynthia for having the strength of your convictions and for sharing it with us.

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