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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Fresh Diet March 9

After having a few days without my Fresh Diet meals because of an "error" that suspended my account I was so very excited to see my little buddy waiting for me outside my door this morning.  My days and nights are so hectic this time of year, that having someone else make my meals makes sure I have wonderful food that isn't from a fast food joint or some kind of take out place.

This morning, however when I opened my bag to take my meals out, I got to see what the new "tweaking" of the menu was all about.  I know now that this tweaking is suppose to increase the vitamin and minerals and "good fats" to make The Fresh Diet meals even better for us.  Well I have to say this 1st day does not bode well, in my honest opinion.

Breakfast this morning was Oregano, Zucchini & Mozzarella Cheese Quiche with Fresh Pineapple.  This was probably the best meal of the day.  I have had this before and except for the fact that the fresh pineapple was 3 "chunks" of a slice .... so perhaps a 1/2 of a slice of pineapple (yes slice) it was as good as it has been in the past.  This meal was the biggest meal I had the entire day - I guess I should be thankful that I didn't have the granola this morning (although tomorrow I could be in trouble with breakfast too)

My lunch was to be Mushroom Souffle & Gruyere Cheese Panini on Whole Wheat Ciabatta Bread.  I have to say, I have had this before and have loved it .... this as you can see is 1/2 of a piece of the bread and someplace at the cut is the little bit of gruyere cheese and 7 slices of mushrooms.  The shadow makes it look like there is more cheese on this piece of bread than there is.  When I took this out of the bag - I actually weighed it ...... somehow 2.2 ounces of food for my entire lunch would not be the lunch of a child let alone an adult.  Whoever got the other half of my "panini" got all the filling ..... hope they enjoyed it because this was a totally unappealing meal.  And did not last for a hour after eating.

My snack was Roasted Tomato and Mozzarella Whole Wheat Bruschetta.  Again this was an option I have had before but was definitely not anywhere near what I had today.  Aside from the fact that the bruschetta was 2 small pieces of overly dry and crumbly pieces of some kind of bread and the tomato and mozzarella mixture was primarily shredding mozzarella with all the tomato sitting on top - none under that "top layer" that had NO TASTE and little flecks of tomato ......

Dinner was my favorite fish, Fillet of Chilean Sea Bass with Citrus Chipotle Sauce with Spaghetti Squash in Fresh Basil Pesto and Sauteed Baby Bok-Choy.  My fish piece was weighed in at 1.8 oz!  The fish was not horrible, but it was not nearly as tender or sweet tasting as it has been the other times I have had this meal.  The spaghetti squash was basically tasteless and chewy and probably a tablespoon and a half  in total when put together .  Oh and it will not be an option I try again.  The sauteed baby bok-choy was just "OK" and although there were pieces of the "stem" end chopped into my veggies it was significantly better than the spaghetti squash.

My dessert was a Butterscotch Chip Cookie.  I have to say whoever made the cookies today was having an interesting day "decorating" with the chips.  Please note the 2 butterscotch chips placed on top.

I would be extremely surprised if this day was at the 1200 calorie mark in the 1200 - 1400 calories per day levels it was set at back in October when I first started receiving my meals.  I have spoken to CS at The Fresh Diet and they are increasing my calories to 1600 to 1800 per day, so hopefully there will be better meals to show and eat in a few days.  If what I got today was in the 1200 calorie range, what were they sending before I have to ask.  I know they have said they are trying to make sure that the meals from all the kitchens will be the same ....... well from the pictures I saw on The Fresh Diet Facebook page there today's meals were a bust in that department.  The difference in the distance from the NY kitchen to the CA kitchen is about the same difference in the Bruschetta made by the NY kitchen and the CA kitchen. ........ hopefully tomorrow will be better and by next week my meals will be actual meals and not whatever this was today.

I'm going to go to bed now so I don't go scavenging through my kitchen to find anything to eat - because at this point I am STARVING.

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Rachel said...

I am so sorry about the meals for that week! I would have gone to bed before I ate my willpower too :)

Hope next week is great - how nice to be able to have them ready for you!