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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do you like Freebies?

I know I LOVE freebies ....... free samples .... free stuff - you know that stuff you wanted to try but didn't want to actually PAY to try it? That's right FREEBIES!

Some people are able to get freebies by clipping coupons and matching them with sales at their local stores and walk out without having anything out of pocket (OOP - now you know what that means too.) But I've never been able to do that! guess I'm just coupon challenged.

Other people wait for their friends to give them some of what they have already bought because "You just HAVE to try this". I'm sure you have one or two friends like this.

But there are still others, like me, who have found this great site for free samples where you can easily grab freebies every day. What I LOVE about this site is that they have done all the leg work for you already. All you have to do is "click" the "grab this now" button and fill out the on-line form. No more searching for new things to try. You could be the first of your friends to "try" something new and brag about how it was totally free to you!

I really love this site - I've gotten all kinds of free samples and free e-books just because I stumbled onto this site. You really need to check it out. There are always something new added each day - so give it a week or two and I bet you will find things you like too. Let your fingers do the walking through shop4freebies.com you will not be disappointed.

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