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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Easy sources for Doggie/Puppy Care

You may know I have a cat who we rescued as a little kitten, who has become my 3rd "child", but as a kid I had a dog. We really had no idea how to take care of a dog/puppy so it was pretty much hit or miss as we learned what to do. Today you don't have to do the hit or miss trick - you can check out Dog Care at Shopwiki.co.uk. They have some great tips to get you started. And at Shopwiki you get a place where you get access to around 30,000 shops. Shopwiki does a lot of the "footwork" for you, so all you have to do it click and they will show you the best places to buy and best prices. Now this is a UK site, but in this day and age that little "pond" won't stop the shopping.

There are so many more things to know now about raising a puppy to a dog. Or maybe these things were always there, I just lived in my naive state of pre-teens and didn't know. There is a great section on Dog Bedding. I never knew there were so many different kinds. There are the "original" kinds of crate bedding but they have "sofa" bedding and "cave" bedding, even one that looks almost like a four-poster bed!

Like when you have kids, you are not suppose to take a dog in a moving vehicle without a carrier, kind of a car seat for dogs. Check out Dog Transport for information and selections of crates and carriers. Again, I didn't know there were so many options. They even have carriers for little dogs that looks like a baby carriage! Some of these are just so cute. They have one that is a "purse" type that I bet even Paris Hilton would love. I can hear her now "That's hot". Sorry I just had to.

Two other section to check out relates to Feeding, Watering and Bowls. The first section to check out is Dog Food . There are so many different things to chose from as far as food and bowls are concerned. I sometimes think there are almost as many different food choices for dogs as there is for people. I'm not just talking about whether its wet or dry. There are organic or vegetarian or weight control in addition to the regular beef flavor that I bet most of you thought would be "dog food".

And then you need to think about how you will feed your dog and Dog Bowls and Feeders, is the perfect place for your search. They have self feeding bowls, elevated bowls for those long legged dogs, and travel bowls so you will always have a bowl when your are traveling. They also have a section in that link for watering bowls, which include a heated bowl for when your dog is outside during the winter, and you will never have frozen water out there again.

Now I couldn't end my review without noting their section on Dog Toys. No its not as simple as taking a toy off the shelf and your dog will be happy. There are toys by size, so you don't get a toy that is too big or too small for your dog. There is even a link for toy storage. Now your dog can have lots of toys and all can be put away in its own toy box.

Some of the things I love about this site is that in addition to a description of what you can find on that page and a how to for each type, there are external links to other sites for even more information. The more information you can get the better your choice will be and perhaps the happier your best friend will be.

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Ter said...

My dog loves her doggy seatbelt. She gets excited anytime I even touch it because it means we might be going for a car ride! :) I like it because I feel she is safe.