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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Absolutely wonderful product

I will be honest, I do not remember exactly how I stumbled onto Vocalpoint, but I am so glad I did. They are part of or related to Procter & Gamble family. I do love P&G products, although I don't use them exclusively, I do have a very large supply of their products throughout my home.

Funny story - well its funny to me. When I first moved into my home (28 years ago) I pretty much had to set up everything from scratch - dear hubby didn't bring anything with him. Since he was a volunteer fireman in town, a lot of our friends were fireman and their wives. They had always made me feel comfortable, but really made me feel welcome when I left my family and moved into the town. For the Christmas Holidays, I decided that we should have a party for everyone to show my appreciation. Most of the men worked for P&G - just not my hubby, and at one point everyone was in my kitchen going through the cabinets, if it was a P&G product much cheering erupted and if the product wasn't ........ they decided it needed to be thrown out. Thankfully there was more cheering then anything else. Hence part of my love for P&G products.

Ok back to my reason for loving VocalPoint .... last week I received a box from Vocalpoint that had a fabulous product - the Bounce Dryer Bar. It smells AMAZING. I put it in my dryer almost immediately and have been using it ever since. It attaches to the drum and works its magic every time you use your dryer. No need to dryer sheets that ALWAYS seem to be on the floor in front of the dryer (somehow NO ONE picks them up) but your clothes have the wonderful dryer sheet smell/freshness/anti-staticness (ok is that a word?).

If you would like to test products or see what's new / coming to stores sign up to be a member of Vocalpoint. I don't think you will be disappointed, I know I haven't been.


NJDecorator said...

Is that the new thing that can go in the washer too?

Kat said...

No this one attaches to the wall/drum of your dryer and stays there for about 2 months instead of dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener in your washer.

I think the one you are talking about is by Purex - 3 in 1 and is a single use.